At Least 41 People Shot In Chicago In The Past Day

At least 41 people have been shot in Chicago in the past day.

Chicago, IL - At least 41 people have been shot in Chicago since 11 a.m. Saturday through Sunday morning.

At least three of the people who were shot have died.

Chicago Tribune reports that four people were shot in the 1600 block of South Avers in Lawndale.

Eight people were shot in the 1300 block of West 76th Street in Gresham.

Six people were shot in the 1300 block of South Millard in Lawndale.

Three women were shot in the 4700 block of West Gladys Avenue, in West Garfield Park.

Four people were shot in the 900 block of North Karlov Avenue in West Humboldt Park.

Two men were shot in the 6800 block of Wood Street.

Numerous more people were injured or killed in individual shootings.

16 of the victims are teenagers according to Chicago Tribune. 12 were age 17 or younger.

Many of the victims were not the intended targets of the shootings, but were caught in the crossfire as the gunmen and intended targets escaped unscathed.

The shootings overwhelmed Mount Sinai Hospitals' emergency department, resulting in them closing down to accepting any new patients.

Chicago Tribune talked to a local resident who talked about how brazen the shootings have become.

“If they shoot you, they don’t even run,” he told Chicago Tribune. “They just walk away, they ain’t trying to run.”

Chicago PD will be holding a press conference on Sunday to discuss the shootings.

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Can you imagine the carnage if the thugs learned to shoot better? I guess practice makes perfect.


There are no problems in Chicago, or anywhere else for that matter, that we can't incarcerate our way out of. The elected officials just need to suck it up and provide the political will to do so.


The corruption, bribery, and blackmail within the Governments at all levels is enormous. So someone please tell me how we stop it when the very same people are “investigating each other...


Congratulations Chicago, You let the ACLU and other Radical organizations whine and hamstring the police.You got the community you deserve


The hotter it gets,,, the more shootings.