As a judge, she is under a duty to follow Business and Professions Codes, which codes outline every job under the sun on ethical and moral conduct.

Second, at the discretion of the Commission she can be removed if found in judicial arrogance. Her stupidity ipens a pandoras box to cases being appealed. Litigants having to expend enormous amounts of money to retry, recall witnesses, bank on no one passing, and much more.

If everyone would read she has also been uncooperative in her DWI case. The insubordinate ly make 2 tripsvro Dicks to buy firearms when pretrial hearings already bar criminals from purchasing firearms for 10 years, period.

That woman is a complete waste of taxpayer money once again. Unfortunately, I also agree she is not entitled to continued pay.she has been found in violation by the Commission whether she likesit or.

Just saying.