Arrested Man Shoots Trooper While Handcuffed

Troopers shot 27-year-old Kenneth Martin Anderson after the handcuffed man pulled a gun and fired at a state trooper.

Bartow County, GA – A wanted felon was fatally shot on Thursday after he used a hidden gun to shoot a Georgia State Patrol trooper.

Authorities said the incident began when the state trooper pulled over a gold Toyota Camry for driving too slow in the left lane of I-75, WXIA reported.

As he approached the vehicle with temporary West Virginia license plates, the trooper could see a gun and other contraband in the backseat, so he called for backup.

When backup arrived, the troopers made the driver and passenger get out of the car and searched them. They found drugs, guns, and cash inside the vehicle, but no weapons on their persons, WXIA reported.

Troopers handcuffed 27-year-old Kenneth Martin Anderson and then identified him using a portable fingerprint scanner after he initially gave police a fake name.

Georgia State Patrol Captain Mark Perry said it turned out that Anderson had a warrant for a parole violation and had been on the run for about eight months, according to WXIA.

That’s when things went sideways quickly.

"He's handcuffed behind his back. Apparently he had a weapon behind his back,” Capt. Perry said. “As he comes out, the trooper was standing a couple of feet from him. He turns with his hands behind him and shoots the trooper in the abdomen. In the vest."

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) said Anderson got off three shots before two other troopers returned fire, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Capt. Perry said they believed Anderson had the gun hidden in the small of his back.

The trooper who was shot sustained blunt force trauma to his stomach area and was treated at the hospital and released.

Anderson was transported to Cartersville Hospital where he later died, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

The driver was taken to Bartow County Jail. The sheriff’s office is expected to file charges against her.

Police have not yet released the name of the trooper or the driver of the vehicle.

GBI was continuing to investigate the incident, according to WXIA.

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Hmm. Noncompliant individual. The site won't let me post the picture, but he's white.

On a positive note, good to see cops pulling people over going too slow in the fast lane. Please let that spread.

Bad news is you're not treating these suspects that fit the profile like suspects that fit the profile.

EDIT: the butthurt in my responses is something else.


Not a very good job of a pat down.Lucky to still be alive.


What happened to patting suspects down? I bet the trooper don't make that mistake again. Glad he wasn't seriously injured or dead. No sympathy for the thug from me.


pat down, no SEARCH him


The Trooper has to be a rookie, to NOT know how to pat a suspect down!!! SPECIFICALLY after noticing/seen a "gun" in the back seat!!!....criminals are out to hurt law enforcement personel, DON'T HELP THEM YOUR SELVES !!!......