Arrest Made For Social Media Post Threatening Police, Cops' Families

Police have arrested a man who posted a threatening anti-police message on social media.

Chicago, IL – A man who posted a threatening anti-police message on social media, that included an image of a young male in a Chicago Police Department (CPD) shirt, has been taken into custody, police said.

The since-deleted Facebook post predominantly featured a selfie photo of the Facebook user, known as “Savion Savo.”

But in the background, a young man – possibly a juvenile – could be seen wearing a CPD shirt. The boy appeared to have no idea he was included in the man’s selfie.

“Welcome to Chicago Illinois ... were we teach eachother everyday [that] anyone can be touched,” the man’s post read. “I’m currently in Mt. GreenWood a very racist a** town in Chicago.”

“The boy in this picture is probably innocent, bout as innocent as Tamir rice, Laquan McDonald, Sandra bland, etc.,” the post continued. “Let’s hope they stop the Genocide on my people, before the next shots we take aren’t with cameras...”

The man then included a link to a rap album on Apple, titled “No Help Coming,” by “Savo.”

He also included lyrics to one of the tracks in the Facebook message.

“They ain’t gone understand this pain until we do a drive by On lil billy, do a kidnap on yo Sargent, you don’t wana see us go harder...” he wrote.

The post, which was initially made on Jan. 27, was shared on Facebook neighborhood watch group pages on Thursday, and was soon deleted by the user, the Beverly Patch reported.

"We are aware of the incident. There is an offender in custody and charges are pending at this time," CPD Officer Michelle Tannehill told the Beverly Patch on Thursday night.

Police declined to identify the suspect until formal charges have been made.

A Facebook profile under the name of Savion Savo features a photograph from the “No Help Coming” album cover.

The user had posted numerous anti-police messages and videos, and often wrote about how racist others are towards black people.

“Somebody gotta get violent only way they understand you!” the user wrote on Jan. 27.

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Ridiculous. Arrested for lyrics.


This is Chicago after 8 years in the home town of a black President. Toughest gun laws and Murder Capital of the US. His legacy in action! You would be better off building a coffin business than a Presidential Library!


Shut the fuck calf
Commie. You theeaten a cop you will be brought to justice or justice will be brought to you.
Just lik you can not yell fire in a theater you can not make terrorist threats.
Shit bag lover.


What if he threatened to kill you or your family? Took a picture of you and posted it and said the next shots wouldn't be with a camera? Still ridiculous?


Trash. You're a product of your environment.