Armed Son Saves Family From Home Invaders, Takes One Out With Headshot

A 20-year-old Houston man fatally shot one of three suspects who had invaded his family's home.

Houston, TX – A man fatally shot a home invader who was terrorizing his sisters and father on Tuesday evening.

Police said the incident began when the father arrived home and encountered three armed me who were waiting in his bushes, KHOU reported.

The suspects pistol-whipped the 39-year-old father and forced him to open the door to the home.

His daughters – ages 15 and 21 – were in the house when the home invasion occurred, but the suspects didn’t know that, KHOU reported.

The young women hit the panic alarm on the family’s security system and then hid in a closet.

The suspects forced the father to turn off the alarm, but every time he silenced it, the sisters would hit the panic button again from another location, KABC reported.

The suspects ransacked the property and eventually found the girls’ hiding spot in a closet, according to KHOU.

But that happened about the same time the girls’ older brother and mother arrived home, separately, KABC reported

KHOU reported that the 20-year-old son realized something wasn’t right when he got there, and went inside and got his pistol.

He fired at the suspects as they fled and hit one of them in the head.

The other two suspects jumped on the hood of the mom’s car, where she sat with another juvenile child in the driveway, KABC reported.

She slammed her car into reverse and escaped, and then she drove to a nearby Whataburger to ask for help, KHOU reported.

After the mother departed, the men stole the father’s silver minivan to make good their escape.

Police are still looking for the two armed men who may be driving a silver Toyota Sienna with Texas license plates DGL-3948.

Investigators do not believe the suspects fired any shots from their weapons, KHOU reported.

The wounded suspect was transported to the hospital where he later died, KABC reported.

None of the family members were seriously injured in the harrowing incident.

The case of the adult son shooting the suspect will be referred to a Harris County grand jury, according to KHOU.

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And that you gun control advocates, is why we have the right to defend ourselves!!!


The family is blessed to have come thru the ordeal relatively unharmed. I pray they all find peace in that fact and honor their brother for his heroism in protecting them. I wish it was more than 1 out of 3 that got their just deserve, and I hope the son doesn't suffer from taking a life. Great job youngster!


That's the bad part our country is so screwed up right now they probably will try to prosecute the son and of course you know the family is going to come up tell everyone how good of a boy he was and as usual (going to college) lol there going to say he was leaving so why did you have to shoot him because besides pistol whooping someone they wouldn't hurt a fly all in a great big ploy to try and sue them!! Like i said the snowflakes have really messed USA up !!🤪


Too bad he didn't hit the other two. When they are caught ,they should be charged with murder for causing the crime thatgot their buddy killed.


It appears to have occurred in the City of Houston, while Houston is in Texas it is not your fathers Texas any longer. It is the Texas of O’Rouke who will tear down the existing wall with Mexico. I will pray for the family and hope Texas comes to its senses.