Armed Robber Shoots Store Clerk, Must Have Forgotten He Was In Texas - With Best Quote Ever

Gas station clerk Mohammed Kahloon was shot by armed robbers, and returned fire, killing one suspect.

Houston, TX - An armed suspect died after he picked the wrong store clerk to shoot during an armed robbery.

The incident occurred at the North Freeway Chevron gas station, according to ABC13.

Two armed suspects came into the gas station on Sunday morning, and shot the clerk, Mohammed Kahloon, eight times in his left arm.

Kahloon, who is right-handed, always wore his pistol at work. No other customers were inside the store, and there was only one store employee beside Kahloon, who ran to safety in a back room.

He drew his gun and fired back, and shot at least one of the suspects. The suspect drove away, but only made it a block.

Police found the suspect dead on arrival. They said as many as three people were involved in the robbery; two vehicles entered the parking lot, one right after the other, and both left after the shooting.

After the incident, Kahloon called police, and his family to tell them he had been shot. His family said that there had been robberies at the gas station before, but none involved gunfire.

Kahloon was transported to a medical center hospital, where he is expected to undergo surgery for his arm.

When asked if the robbers took anything, one of Kahloon's relatives said no, but "they did take some bullets with them."

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