Armed Citizen Sees Wanted Man At Georgia Laundromat, Shoots Him

An armed robbery suspect was shot during a confrontation with a laundromat customer on Tuesday morning.

Fort Oglethorpe, GA – A Georgia Walgreens robbery suspect was shot by a citizen early Tuesday morning, after the citizen recognized him as a wanted man and called police.

Fort Oglethorpe police had been searching for 28-year-old Shaun Sisk since about midnight on April 24, when he allegedly committed an armed robbery at a Walgreens store, the department said.

Investigators released a photo of Sisk on their Facebook page, and asked members of the public to call with any information regarding his whereabouts.

On Tuesday morning, a customer at the Wash Daze Coin Laundry in Fort Oglethorpe spotted Sisk inside the business, recognized him from the new releases, and contacted the police, the Times Free Press reported.

A confrontation subsequently erupted between Sisk and the unnamed citizen, as he tried to keep Sisk at the scene while officers responded, Fort Oglethorpe Police Chief Mike Helton told the Times Free Press.

"The confrontation resulted in the citizen firing two shots from their personal firearm at Mr. Sisk, while during the incident the citizen perceived they were endangered by Mr. Sisk's actions," Chief Helton explained.

Sisk then fled in a stolen Toyota pickup, and headed north into Tennessee, WTVC reported.

He ultimately crashed the vehicle outside a residence in East Ridge, prompting the homeowner to call the police.

Officers arrived at the scene at approximately 7:20 a.m., and found Sisk with a gunshot wound to his arm, the Times Free Press reported.

He was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his wounds, and was released several hours later. Sisk was subsequently booked on numerous charges, WTVC reported.

"He was driving a [Toyota] truck that was stolen out of Chattanooga this past weekend and it had some lawn equipment in it that we're trying to track down and see if that was stolen, as well," East Ridge Police Assistant Chief Stan Allen told the Times Free Press.

Chief J.R. Reed noted that Sisk also had “numerous outstanding warrants through several jurisdictions” for offenses including vehicle thefts, robbery, felony evading arrest, burglary and aggravated domestic assault.

He was also wanted out of Red Bank, Chattanooga, and Marion County.

The multi-jurisdictional investigation is ongoing, police said.

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I love the facial expression, "Yeah, I'm a hopeless loser."


isnt that how their look normally is..... it's like yea i am f-n guilty


Kudos to the citizen but please learn to shoot more accurately,
triple tap. 2 to the chest, 1 to the head. Lol.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

"Due to the nature of the crime Mr. Sisk is suspected of, it is recommended that if he's sighted, he should not be approached but instead, law enforcement should be notified immediately." Poor compliance with police recommendations by the unnamed citizen, so I really can't condone the unnamed citizen's actions here. Will be trouble for the unnamed citizen if it turns out that Sisk wasn't the one that hit the drugstore.


Stupid Bugger. The police already identified him as the robber. And the warning from the police was for the "sheep" of the community, not the ones that know that they need to take part in protecting their own community and have the means to do it. It must be a joint effort. Go back in the basement and choke on a burger. You are definitely one of the sheep. Leave protecting your own community to the adults, whether they be police or citizens.