Anyone who hides behind a phony premise, idea, organization or position shielding themselves from the truth, is a cowardly cockroach of society. The first question id like to ask the "pastor", is why is a "man of the cloth" is driving a Mercedes? Not a "black" man, but just someone who should be 180 degrees opposed to having physical meaningless possessions. I wonder how many of his duped followers drive expensive vehicles and wear nice clothes. I feel sorry for people of color as they have Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and POSs like this "leading" them. These pieces of filth are bought and sold by the left to promote an obviously phony support for their own kind, while making back room deals uplifting themselves while selling out the people they claim to want to help. Smarten up folks, the left has been your enemy from the beginning. They have no preference between black or white or brown or yellow, only GREEN. As long as you stand between it and them, they will stop at nothing to get to it.