Antifa Attacks Journalist During Workout At Portland Gym

Portland journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by a member of Antifa while he was at the gym on Monday.

Portland, OR – A journalist well-known for reporting on antifa and hate-crime hoaxes was attacked and had his cell phone taken by an antifa at 24 Hour Fitness on Monday (video below).

Andy Ngo posted a video of the incident that occurred at about 3:30 p.m. on May 7, according to a lengthy statement the reporter later posted on Twitter.

Ngo said he was walking down the stairs toward the locker room in the 24 Hour Fitness in Hollywood Portland when somebody dumped liquid on his head from above.

He said he recognized the man dumping liquid on him as an antifa he had encountered during the May 1 protests a week earlier.

Ngo said he ran back up the stairs and called for a manager.

The journalist said that his assailant approached him and began accusing him of publishing lies about antifa on his Twitter account.

Ngo said that the gym’s operations manager attempted to intervene and told the man to stop yelling at him.

“He’s a fascist,” the man yelled, according to Ngo’s statement. And then he walked away.

Ngo said he was talking with the operations manager and another 24 Hour Fitness employee when the man returned and approached him again.

So he started filming the encounter on his cell phone.

“The suspect slapped the phone out of my hand, and it fell to the ground, damaging its case,” Ngo wrote in the statement posted to Twitter.

The reporter said he went to retrieve his phone but his assailant grabbed it out of his hand, threatened to break it, and then left with it.

“Was just assaulted & had my phone stolen at @24hourfitness Hollywood Portland by someone I recognize at Antifa rallies. He first dumped liquid on me then stole my phone. Reporting to @PortlandPolice . I don’t know his identity & gym wouldn’t tell me. They got my phone back,” he after the altercation.

Although Ngo’s initial tweet implied that the staff of 24 Hour Fitness hadn’t be forthcoming about the other gym member’s identity, the later statement said they were ultimately helpful in resolving the matter.

“The staff stopped him and retrieved my phone for me. The attacker has been identified,” he wrote in the statement.

The Quillette editor said he couldn’t reveal any additional details about the incident because it was under investigation, but he thanked the gym staff for their professionalism in his statement.

Ngo was assaulted twice by antifa on May 1, first when he was covering their protest at the Portland U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) offices and then later in front of the Cider Riot bar.

“Yesterday’s event was supposed to be a celebration of diversity and workers’ rights,” Ngo explained to FOX News. “But in reality, it was a celebration of Marxism, communism and political violence. Antifa had mobilized outside the ICE office in an unlawful protest where they shut down streets in a critical area near a hospital and it was there that they targeted my camera equipment and then I was punched in the abdomen.”

So the journalist went to ask for help from nearby Portland Police Bureau officers.

“I immediately alerted the Portland police officer who was standing yards away and he let me know that if they stepped in to intervene that would be an escalation and that could incite the crowd so he was going — he couldn’t do anything and if I wanted to I could file a police report later,” Ngo told FOX News.

Portland Police Bureau Public Information Officer Sergeant Brad Yakots told Blue Lives Matter on Wednesday that it is not the police department’s policy for officers to refuse to intervene in the interest of de-escalation.

Then the antifa gathered at the Cider Riot bar for an after-hours event, and when the right-wing Patriot Prayer group showed up to protest, there was an altercation that turned into a riot.

That’s when Ngo was assaulted yet again by masked antifa.

“Later on that day, there was a brawl/riot outside of the Cider Riot Bar in Portland and it was there that I was singled out and targeted by a masked individual who sprayed me nearly point blank in the face with bear mace and blinded me,” Ngo told FOX News.

“Fortunately, a woman who I have no idea who she is, but she led me across the street because I could not see,” he continued.

“And I was only there as a journalist. I was harassed and attacked all day. When the riot happened, the police were nowhere in sight,” Ngo complained.

You can see the altercation at the 24 Hour Fitness in the video below:

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Being as I spent my career in an adjoining agency and live nearby, maybe I can offer a local insight. PPB is hamstrung by a politically corrupt Senior Staff and an even more liberal City Council. Anything that the po-lice do is deemed wrong and they are ordered to stand-down so as not to offend the sensibilities of the SJW's and BLM libtards that inhabit what used to be a great place to live. Going downtown, which most avoid, means walking around street urchins and "disenfranchised" who travel here for the social services of liberal retards.

Let the rains fall and these maggots move long.


What a shithole.


It's Portland. The attacker will probably be given the keys to the city.


They must like having their city infested with Communists and crazies, but I repeat myself. Behavior like this, if allowed to continue, will only result in the citizenry ultimately taking the law into their own hands when they finally grow tired of being assaulted and harassed by a bunch of entitled bourgeois Communists.


The reporter needs to start carrying when he’s covering these antifa maggots. One well placed shot would send a clear message. And I doubt, given the past episodes, that it would be difficult for him to “clearly articulate that i was in fear for my life”.