Angry Bar Patron Goes Home, Grabs AR-15, Returns To Get Whooped By Off-Duty Cop

Gilbert Arellano went home, grabbed his loaded AR-15, and returned to the bar.

Redlands, CA – An off-duty sheriff’s deputy helped disarm a man who was walked into a bar May 20 carrying a loaded rifle, and police are saying this likely prevented a tragedy.

Gilbert Arellano III, 36, is suspected of drinking at a birthday party and then going to a downtown bar where he got into an altercation with unidentified customers, according to a Facebook post by the Redlands Police Department.

Police said that Arellano then left the bar and went to his residence where he picked up a loaded AR-15.

He then returned early Sunday morning to the downtown bar and confronted three people in the parking lot.

Police said that Arellano pointed the gun at one of them in a threatening manner.

Arellano then walked into the entrance of The Underground bar.

A bar employee stopped Arellano and attempted to take the rifle away. An off-duty officer from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy learned there was an armed man and rushed to jump in and disarm the man.

Customers piled on and assisted restraining the suspect.

They held him until the Redlands Police Department arrived and took Arellano into custody.

Arellano was arrested for attempted assault with a deadly weapon, according to the police. He also had additional weapons registered to him and by a court order was not legally allowed to possess any guns.

The reason he was disqualified from possessing firearms wasn't immediately clear.

Police obtained a search warrant on Sunday afternoon and confiscated additional weapons at Arellano’s residence.

On the Redlands Police Department Facebook page, commenters applauded the off-duty officer and the bar employee.

Harry Stone posted that it didn’t seem possible this could happen in California.

“California has strict gun control to keep us safe,” Stone posted. “Don’t criminals obey laws.”

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Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

This could have gone a different way for the off duty officer, but I am glad it didn't. Sounds like the police need to do a better job enforcing gun control laws out there. Maybe some law enforcement resources can be moved from weed enforcement to gun control enforcement as society gradually realizes which laws keep us safe and which laws don't. Because Blue Lives Matter (even off duty Blue Lives)!


The problem never has been, & never will be, the guns! The problem is the people who've been taught to believe they have a right to kill whom ever they want! When people become as God created them to be, the killings will either end or will greatly reduce in number. We need to put pressure on each other to resolve differences peacefully.

Dr Shoe
Dr Shoe

"Oh, I get it now! What we need is more Gun Laws!"

Sergeant PJB
Sergeant PJB

@ Sandy2: Educate yourself before you spout off! This weapon is NOT an assault rifle. More laws, attempting to penalize the law abiding citizens is not the answer, and we are not in Nazi Germany, or a socialist state. ONE GUNS ARE OUTLAWED, ONLY OUTLAWS (criminals) WILL HAVE GUNS. Because they don't give a flying Fuck about gun, or any other, laws! Case in point: the jackhole in this article! She was already prohibited, BY LAW, from possessing any firearms.

And a VERY important point included in 2A is that citizens, who are not of the criminal element, are permitted to bear arms for a number of reasons. Particularly, that armed citizens may protect themselves from a tyrannical government, such as tho one Patriots fought against to great the Democratcy calls The United States of America.



I absolutely agree that there is no reason for anyone except military and law enforcement to own assault rifles. I would also like to see a law that mandates incarceration of PARENTS who allow their children access to guns, especially in the case of a recent school shooting, where the father of the suspect actually gave back to his son the weapons that had been previously confiscated. Shaking my head.