Angry Bar Patron Goes Home, Grabs AR-15, Returns To Get Whooped By Off-Duty Cop

Gilbert Arellano went home, grabbed his loaded AR-15, and returned to the bar.

Redlands, CA – An off-duty sheriff’s deputy helped disarm a man who was walked into a bar May 20 carrying a loaded rifle, and police are saying this likely prevented a tragedy.

Gilbert Arellano III, 36, is suspected of drinking at a birthday party and then going to a downtown bar where he got into an altercation with unidentified customers, according to a Facebook post by the Redlands Police Department.

Police said that Arellano then left the bar and went to his residence where he picked up a loaded AR-15.

He then returned early Sunday morning to the downtown bar and confronted three people in the parking lot.

Police said that Arellano pointed the gun at one of them in a threatening manner.

Arellano then walked into the entrance of The Underground bar.

A bar employee stopped Arellano and attempted to take the rifle away. An off-duty officer from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy learned there was an armed man and rushed to jump in and disarm the man.

Customers piled on and assisted restraining the suspect.

They held him until the Redlands Police Department arrived and took Arellano into custody.

Arellano was arrested for attempted assault with a deadly weapon, according to the police. He also had additional weapons registered to him and by a court order was not legally allowed to possess any guns.

The reason he was disqualified from possessing firearms wasn't immediately clear.

Police obtained a search warrant on Sunday afternoon and confiscated additional weapons at Arellano’s residence.

On the Redlands Police Department Facebook page, commenters applauded the off-duty officer and the bar employee.

Harry Stone posted that it didn’t seem possible this could happen in California.

“California has strict gun control to keep us safe,” Stone posted. “Don’t criminals obey laws.”

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Oh Harry, I do hope you were being ironic. Bless your heart.


California has strict gun laws to regulate guns, under the guise of “protecting people”. It accomplishes neither.


There is no reason for assault rifles to be owned by anyone except military and law enforcement. It seems to me that the criminals will get what they want....maybe we should put some bite into the owners and sellers of these assault rifles. Make them illegal to sell or own and if you are caught selling or owning a 25 year MANDATORY jail sentence will be enforced. No good time, no discussion just 25 years. I'm sure there are a lot of arguments against what I'm suggesting but just trying to find an answer. 25 years will make a lot of people think before they own/sell


I wish people understood that AR does not stand for "assault rifle" but rather "ArmaLite rifle," for the company that developed it.


@Linda97502...People also fail to understand that the definition of an assault rifle is a rifle that can fire in multi-mode. That is to say it can fire a single shot, 3 round burst and/or fully automatic. Looking scary does not make it an assault rifle.