AMBER ALERT: Child Rapist Believed To Have Abducted 12-Year-Old Girl


Police are searching for a sex offender they believe abducted a 12-year-old girl on Wednesday.

Grand Junction, CO – A manhunt is underway in Colorado for a 47-year-old registered sex offender authorities believe kidnapped his 12-year-old stepdaughter on Wednesday.

Police are actively searching for Jody Haskin, who has an active warrant for his arrest on 12 counts of felony charges related to sexual assault of children stemming from 2006 incidents, KMGH reported.

Grand Junction police and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations have put out two Amber Alerts for Raeanna Rosencrans, who was last seen at about 3 p.m. on April 25 getting into a “boxy” green sedan that was later recovered by police, the Grand Junction Police Department said in a post on its website.

The first alert, which was initiated on Wednesday night, described the 12 year old as a “missing endangered” person.

Rosencrans was described as developmentally delayed, but high-functioning. Witnesses told police she got into the vehicle willingly, KCNC reported.

The second Amber Alert, issued early Thursday afternoon, featured a picture of Haskin, whom authorities now consider to be a “strong person of interest” in the girl’s disappearance.

Police said that Haskin has no parental rights to Rosencrans.

Haskin was described as a white male, balding, 6 feet tall, 215 pounds, with brown eyes and glasses.

Rosencrans is 5-foot-1, weighs 135 pounds, and has light brown or dark blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Reports that the two were traveling in a motorhome that was seen in the Walmart parking lot have been deemed to be untrue, and the RV was unrelated to this case, police said.

Police said they believed Haskin probably travelled out of the area of Grand Junction after abducting Rosencrans.

“There is no doubt that a case like this is incredibly alarming and frightening to everyone involved, as well as the community affected by the incident,” the Grand Junction police wrote on their website. “We are committed to following up on every lead in our efforts to bring Raeanna safely home.”

“Investigation thus far indicates this is not a case of stranger abduction,” the Grand Junction PD added.

“We urge the public to continue to share updates regarding this case and spread the information far and wide, making every attempt to reach anyone who may be able to provide valuable information,” police asked anyone with information about the case to call 911.

Haskin is a registered sex offender with a conviction for felony gross sexual imposition in North Dakota in 1990. He was charged and convicted with failing to register as a sex offender after he moved to Colorado in 2002.

The warrant he was wanted on in Grand Junction carried three sentence enhancers for habitual sex offenses, KMGH reported.

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He should have already been castrated!!



No I'm not. Look at him.

Here's to hoping Raeanna is returned whole, mentally and physically.


Another one who was allowed a free hand to rape and molest again. I guess that's the privilege that he was born with.


Where is the outrage over the POS mother that put her child into the hands of a known sex offender?

well thats 1
well thats 1

Its never the mothers fault .you know that ..Dont ever blaim the mother ..


My question is, "What kind of mother would marry a sex offender when she has children?" Praying for her safe return.


Raeanna was found last night (Thursday) about 10 pm in WalMart in Rifle, Co. (60 miles away). She was taken to a hospital for a check-up, but supposedly she was not hurt. This morning the perp was discovered not far from the WalMart. He waved a gun at officers and refused to drop it, but then shot himself and died a little later @ a local hospital.