Actress Debra Messing Moved To Tears By Son's Choice To Sit For Anthem

Actress Debra Messing proudly posted a photo of her teenage son sitting down through the national anthem.

​New York, NY – Actress Debra Messing praised her 13-year-old son for his decision to sit while the national anthem played at a New York Rangers hockey game on Wednesday.

The “Will and Grace” star was quick to seek public approval for the teen, Roman Zelman, and posted an image of his “protest” to her Facebook page.

In the post, Messing outlined the conversation she and Zelman had before she agreed to let him remain seated.

“’Please stand for the pledge of allegiance.’

Son: ‘Mom, I want to sit down in protest. Can we do that?’

Me: ‘Yes, honey. We can do that.’”

The photo showcased her child, who had his hand over his heart, as he sat behind a row of standing hockey fans.

“Whose crying? I’m not crying,” Messing posted in the photo caption.

She also tagged the picture with #BLM to ensure that Black Lives Matter supporters would know of her son’s supposed strong virtues, the Independent Journal Review reported.

Messing has supported those who kneel during the national anthem in the past, The Daily Caller reported.

In September, she posted a link that showed Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) as she knelt with NFL players.

“Teary... this is amazing,” Messing wrote.

Messing has long been an outspoken about her liberal beliefs, and has frequently shared her views via her social media accounts.

In July of 2016, she posted her thoughts regarding a man’s anti-police video.

“This is Painful, but IMPORTANT,” Messing wrote.

And in November, she tweeted a cartoon that blamed the NRA for the mass church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Messing was also a featured speaker at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

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Great, a proud socialist raising a future communist. The future of America looks dimmer every day.


So disrespectful and as a Parent she should be addressing the issue of respecting our flag and our country. If she cannot do this as a parent then she is NO PARENT


I would if that was his choice but unfortunately his mother has had her say in public so he is really trying to please and that I think that sweet But was she going to stand if her son stood? Just asking


@Justagirl a better signifier of a good parent is allowing your child to make some decisions on their own, especially as a teenager. He's not hurting anyone, stop crying.


@Hi_estComnDenomn: Remember that ignorant statement when one of your military family or friends is killed in the service of our country..our enemy is not hurting anyone, stop crying!