Actress Charged With Murder Similar To One In Movie She Just Starred In

Tom Gantert

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed's charges were upgraded from manslaughter to murder shortly after she finished filming.

Los Angeles, CA – A grand jury has indicted a woman on charges for the 2016 murder of her uncle shortly after she finished filming a movie in which her character kills a man in a very similar manner.

Prosecutors said that 30-year-old Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed recorded herself shooting her uncle in the chest on her cell phone, The Washington Post reported.

The incident occurred when Moore-Reed’s mother, Kelly Moore, was in a dispute with her uncle, Shane Moore, over their 91-year-old mother’s home.

Kelly Moore is a New York Times best-selling author and an attorney who represented Anna Nicole Smith.

“My daughter didn’t do anything wrong,” Moore said. “I was there, and she did not do anything wrong.”

She told authorities that her daughter shot her uncle in self-defense when he was violating a restraining order, according to The Washington Post.

“He’s coming into the house, goddammit,” Reed said in the video before she shot Shane Moore. “You son of a b---h. Get out of here.”

Moore-Reed opened fire on her uncle just inside the doorway and shot him in the chest, The Washington Post reported.

He died in the driveway.

“He wasn’t supposed to be around me,” Reed said in the video seconds after she shot her uncle. “He’s violent and dangerous. He threatened my mother’s life.”

Kelly Moore told a 911 dispatcher than her brother had been threatening her family for months, The Washington Post reported.

Moore-Reed was originally charged with manslaughter.

And while she was out on bail, she auditioned for the independent, low-budget horror film “From the Dark” under the pseudonym “Wyn Reed,” according to KCAL.

Moore-Reed was cast as Valerie, a character who kills someone in the movie under very similar circumstances to the murder case in which the actress is a real-life defendant.

Filming finished on July 22, 2018 and it wasn’t until the next day that her production company found out that their main character was facing manslaughter charges, according to The Washington Post.

Five months later, a grand jury indicted Moore-Reed on murder charges and she was taken back into custody.

Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Lisa Greif ordered the actress held without bond after she viewed the video of Shane Moore’s shooting, The Washington Post reported.

“Mr. Moore was barely even in the door when he was shot, and he was shot in the chest, and it was pretty close range,” the judge said during a hearing. “She was angry that he wasn’t dead. And to me, that says that kind of nailed down the evidence for me.”

The production company that made the movie, Siskiyou Productions, told The Washington Post that they had no idea Moore-Reed had charges pending against her when she was cast.

“Due to the movie being so low budget, and it being our first venture, we did not do background checks,” the film company wrote in an email. “If we ever do a movie again in the future, any one of us… we now know that a background check will save us. Lesson learned, no matter how little money we have, this will save the headache.”

The release of the movie was delayed by the revelation about its star.

The producers expect to release the indie film in a local theater in 2020, The Washington Post reported.

“The rest of us all believed her story and felt for her deeply upon first finding out,” the company said. “It seemed like she was an incredible victim and hero. Our perspectives changed upon seeing the video."

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Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

Video of shooting incident, in case you've not seen it before...

No. 1-8

Doesn’t look like it fits the requirements for use of deadly force to me, I wasn’t there. I guess a lot goes into prior contact and actions of the deceased. I understand he violated restraining order, let the courts decide


Yeah, really. Lock the doors & call authorities. Simple. Reality seems hard to grasp for some- & to mimic a movie? Bazaar.


Yea, she was in fear but that doesn’t mean you shoot the guy. I’d rather take an ass whipping than kill a man especially a relative. I guess it depends on the definition of “ass whipping”. It would be different if it was an unknown assailant breaking into your home.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

This is why bodycams are so important. It is one thing to hear the shooter's side of the story. It is better when we can see and hear what actually happened when deciding who is the good guy and who is the bad guy.


Well we will see how this plays out. But I never saw or heard where she was in fear for her life. There was plenty of opportunity to lock the doors and call the authorities. I never heard the Uncle be aggressive or break in. She sounded more like the agitator. Doesn't look good for her.


She has no duty to retreat in her own home, and there was a restraining order in place so there’s evidently some history. There is a however. Her issue is sounding angry, not fearful. We’ll see how this plays out...


This crazy bitch went off the rails and should pay for that.