Active Shooter Opens Fire On Drivers, Leaves Manifesto Praising Parkland Shooter

A gunman who shot two people Georgia highway left behind a manifesto that praised Nikolas Cruz.

Hall County, GA – A gunman who shot two people and seven vehicles in an active shooting spree on a Georgia highway on Friday left behind a manifesto praising Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz.

Rex Harbour, 26, terrorized drivers from his sniper’s perch beside Highway 365 before taking his own life as he fled from police, The Sun Sentinel reported.

Police found handwritten documents among Harbour’s belongings which praised Cruz as a “hero” who had given him “courage and confidence,” Hall County Sheriff Gerald Couch said, according to The Washington Post.

“The documents are hate-filled,” Sheriff Couch said.

The incident began late on Friday morning, as was documented by a hunter’s trail camera that captured pictures of Harbour walking through the woods and taking up his shooting position, WSB-TV reported.

Sheriff Couch said Harbour fired at vehicles on the roadway 17 times, using a 9mm handgun. His bullets struck seven cars and hit two people.

Police received the first 911 call from a woman who said her 54-year-old husband had been shot in the hip as they drove by, The Sun Sentinel reported. More calls followed immediately thereafter as Harbour continued to fire at vehicles, police said.

“Almost immediately, additional callers reported hearing gunshots and advised that other vehicles had been struck by bullets in the same vicinity. 911 callers also indicated a second adult male motorist had been hit by a bullet,” according to a press release by the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

A 73-year-old man was shot in the leg, and a woman was injured when a bullet shattered her windshield as she was driving.

Officers responded to the scene quickly, and spotted Harbour’s beige Buick pulling out of the woods and attempting to flee.

Hall County deputies and the Georgia State Police pursued the gunman, who put a pistol to his head and shot himself while fleeing, The Washington Post reported. Harbour’s car continued for some time before crashing into a median.

The shooting was captured on a dashcam, Sheriff Couch said.

Authorities said Harbour’s firing position beside the road was isolated and concealed, but a trail camera strapped to a tree, probably installed by a hunter, took photos of the shooter readying his position, The Washington Post reported.

Police recovered 17 shell casings at the scene. The gunman was wearing two holsters on his body, police said.

Investigators found three 9mm semiautomatic pistols, a .22-caliber bolt-action rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun, and more than 3,400 rounds of ammunition in Harbour’s Buick, Sheriff Couch said.

Investigators were trying to learn the motivation behind the shooting, but Sheriff Couch speculated that he did it for notoriety.

“He had the weapons, he had the ammunition, and obviously he had the will to inflict a lot of pain and a lot of hate,” the sheriff said.

He said Harbour had no history of criminal or notable behavior.

Harbour’s mother described her son, who was a landscaper, as “mild-mannered and quiet,” The Washington Post reported.

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Not saying the guy was crazy or not. He may have just desired the same "5 minutes in the news" that the school shooter received. Who knows? Well a shrink may make a determination from his sniper manifesto, but it's too late to do any good in this case. I'm going to guess he was a very timid individual, probably a loner who may have been bullied in school. He probably had at least one personality or mental health disorders as well. This brings new meaning to taking a "truck gun" with you at all times....


Once again the media falsehoods get repeated.

Some of the differences in the datasets are the result of having no universally accepted definition of mass shooting. The number of mass shootings a group tallies can vary dramatically based on how the term is defined.
The Mother Jones database, which dates back to Aug. 20, 1982, counts 91 mass shootings. Of these, 50 were carried out by white men — hence, where Newsweek and other outlets got the statistic that 54 percent of mass shootings carried out since 1982 were done so by white men.

For comparison’s sake, Mother Jones' data show African-Americans accounted for 15 mass shootings, while Latinos and Asians were responsible for seven each. Three attacks were carried out by women, including one of the two perpetrators behind the 2015 San Bernardino shooting.

So 52 percent is carried out by 72 percent of the population. They are under represented. Yet you count incidents and not actual homicides.

Why not count homicides in general where the numbers swing wildly the other way?
Fact is, you can twist the numbers any way you want.

Backing TheBlue
Backing TheBlue

Thankfully he left behind a manifesto, which I think is morbid, celebrating the Parkland shooter as his "Hero." As for a light sentence?... at least he took his own life.


So they want to label him as mentally ill now!! He's not an extremist he's just a nutcase. Yeah right. Even though he had no history of criminality or "notable behavior". Must be fun to get a pass like that! White male shooters are mentally ill??? No they are NOT. They were sane enough to get and train with weapons and use them on people. Every white male shooter can now rejoice because he can claim insanity to dodge guilt and responsibility for their monstrous crimes and receive a light sentence!