Active Shooter Opens Fire In Grocery Store, Plans To Ambush Cops, Gets Destroyed

Holly Matkin

No deputies or civilians were injured during the active shooter incident, Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said.

Pensacola, FL – An active shooter opened fire inside a grocery store and was planning to ambush Escambia County deputies when they arrived to stop him, according to the sheriff.

The incident began at Grocery Advantage on Lillian Highway at approximately 2:42 p.m. on Thursday, WKRG reported.

The unnamed suspect entered the business and began firing a gun, witnesses told WALA.

Lee Gainey, who works at a tire shop across the street, said that horrified shoppers fled into the tire business after escaping from the grocery store, according to the Pensacola News Journal.

“People came out screaming and saying there was a shooter,” Gainey said. “They were all running out.”

“Sheer terror – they were really upset,” he told WKRG.

Three Escambia County sheriff’s deputies were in the area as the gunfire erupted, and raced to the scene, WALA reported.

“Our officers run towards the shooting – they don’t run from it,” Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan told WKRG.

They chased the gunman to the storage and loading area in the rear portion of the store, where the suspect barricaded himself behind boxes and prepared to ambush the deputies, Sheriff Morgan explained.

The deputies spotted the gunman as he “raised up” with a “firearm in his hand,” and fired at him, striking him at least twice, Sheriff Morgan said.

The shooter was hit in the lower leg and possibly in the chest, according to the sheriff.

He was subsequently taken to a local hospital for treatment, and his condition has not been released, WALA reported.

The deputy who shot the gunman “acted exactly as he was trained to do,” Sheriff Morgan told WKRG.

Investigators recovered the suspect’s small-caliber handgun at the scene.

No citizens or deputies were injured during the active shooter incident.

“As the Sheriff, I know I speak not only for the Sheriff’s Office but all citizens of Escambia County, in thanking the fine men and women of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office for their professionalism and courage which is displayed every day but especially today in stopping this suspect,” Sheriff Morgan wrote on the department’s Facebook page.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is handling the ongoing investigation into the officer-involved shooting.

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Notice how most rural sheriffs have no fear of publicly backing their officers when these type of things happen while big city police chiefs cower at the thought of it happening to them, especially if it's a relative of @Hi_estComnDenomn .

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They should never release the suspect/doa's names. It gives others the thoughts that they can become infamous and may spur them on to do the same thing.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Not a planned ambush.


Good job officers, you did what you had to do, and you also went home. That in itself is an achievement. You've saved lives, and you definitely allowed other people to go home to their families also. Be safe. P.S. let’s try and kill the next guy, so the guy after that thinks twice about “copying” these 2 fucking idiots. People who do this all deserve to die. And yes, let’s not name them. Let their “should be” ashamed family bring up their name (as if anyone will have any sympathy) what this will do is make anything that they say to try and justify not believable no matter how much they cry on the news or attempt to give any interview. The only thing they should be saying are apologies. Apologies for the way their piece of shit family member, acted and how they have failed as parents, and a family to take responsibility for whatever excuse they give. Drugs? Mental health? Medical disorder? Sickness? Then you should’ve done at least something to help your family. If you say there was nothing you could’ve done, or o didn’t see him that much, or I had no idea, then you shouldn’t be talking about them or how or why and shut your mouth. Why do innocent people have to be out in harms way because your kid is fucked in the head? Or has so much drugs that his brain is fried? We don’t want to hear what a good kid he was in preschool, how many patches he got as a Cub Scout, or how he was on the football team but he never played. All that is irrelevant.


Go back to playing with yourself buggers I mean by yourself buggers


Good job..Ambush's are no joke situations.