96-Year-Old Retired Detective Facing Eviction For Recording Neglect

A 96-year-old former sheriff's detective may be evicted after she refused to take down cameras that record her neglect.

Los Angeles, CA – A 96-year-old former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LACSD) detective is facing the threat of being evicted from her assisted living facility, after she refused to take down video cameras that showed her being neglected by facility staff.

After two strokes and two broken hips, Sally Kelly needs assistance with all of her daily activities, CBSLA reported.

The former law woman lives in an apartment at City View Villa, which is a senior living facility, CBS News reported.

Sally’s daughter, Audrey Kelly, said that her mother installed openly-visible security cameras in her apartment for her own safety, and that the resulting footage showed that Sally is not receiving the help she has paid for.

"Cameras are catching them not coming and performing services," Audrey told CBSLA.

According to CBSLA, one video showed Sally as she waited for 58 minutes to use the bathroom before the video camera stopped recording.

Audrey said her mother was actually forced to wait for over two hours before someone finally helped her.

In another recording, Sally waited for 38 minutes before the video cut off.

Audrey said that the staff’s failure to take her mother to the bathroom was just one form of neglect the vulnerable woman has experienced.

“Everything from her calling for help and no one coming for hours, prompting me to call several times and they still don’t come after I call,” Audrey said. “They don’t show up for showers 95 percent of the time so I have to do it, they don’t show up to dress her in the morning, provide her grooming in the morning.”

Audrey said that City View Villa’s executive director ultimately ordered her and Sally to take the cameras down, and accused them of committing a criminal offense by using the video equipment.

But Audrey checked with the LAPD, who told her that it is perfectly legal to use video cameras inside your own residence.

“We won’t get rid of the cameras,” Sally told CBSLA.

Audrey said that when she demanded that the facility reimburse her mother for the care she paid for and hadn’t received, City View Villa responded by serving the elderly woman with an eviction notice.

"She's scared, she's upset, rightfully so, she doesn't understand why they won’t credit her account when they know she has these cameras that have caught them red-handed,” Audrey said. “They’re calling her a criminal, and she has been in law enforcement her entire life.”

The facility’s executive director has not responded to CBSLA’s calls or emails.

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Of course it is in commiefornia!


Who do we call Holly?


This is wide spread crime that many seniors endure and when the staff is made aware, this is the norm. Seniors are afraid to say anything for this reason. They are afraid that they have no where to live.and that fear is felt by family members too Those social warriors are the ones that cash the checks, Reminds me of Harry Weinstein. Of course, I would like to be proven wrong


Lawsuit time. Dollars and bad press are what these facilities understand. Make sure to hire a hungry, snarling, street smart and media savvy lawyer.


As a nurse, the lack of care alone , that she pays for, is breach of contract. The lack of care with threats/intimidation is a lawsuit, suspension of facility license, state sanctions and other wrong doings..get an attorney now. Call the state and get it reported, call the city and report it, call the attorney general. This is so wrong on many levels. Shame on them. Get names, dates, write down verbatim anything said. Date, time, and exact words, and by whom.