9-Year-Old Boy Shoots His Sister In Head Over Video Game Dispute

A nine-year-old boy shot and killed his older sister when she wouldn't give up the video game remote on Saturday.

Aberdeen, MS – A nine-year-old Monroe County boy fatally shot his older sister in a dispute over a video game controller on Saturday.

Dijonae White, 13, wouldn’t give up the video remote so he got a gun, according to WTVA.

Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell said White’s brother shot his older sister in the back of the head with a .25 caliber handgun, according to the Clarion Ledger.

Sheriff Cantrell said the bullet went through the 13-year-old girl’s brain.

She was rushed to Le Bonheur's Children's Hospital in Memphis but doctors were not able to save her. The girl died at about 6:45 p.m. on Sunday, the Clarion Ledger reported.

Authorities have said they do not know how the little brother got his hands on the gun he used to shoot his sister, KTAR reported.

Their mother was in another room feeding additional children at the time of the shooting, WTVA reported.

Police said they’re not sure the boy knew the ramifications of shooting a weapon.

"He’s just 9. I assume he’s seen this on video games or TV," Sheriff Cantrell said. "I don't know if he knew exactly what this would do. I can’t answer that. I do know it’s a tragedy."

The sheriff said his department would take their time with the investigation, and wouldn’t say whether the little boy was still in custody.

"This is all new ground for us, we've never dealt with a kid shooting a kid at age 9," Sheriff Cantrell told the Clarion Ledger. "We don't know yet what kind of charges or if charges will be pressed. We want to make sure we’re doing everything correctly.

"That’s why I’m not too fast to say anything because there are juveniles involved. We want to do what’s right and we’re going to get it right,” Sheriff Cantrell said.

White was a student at Tupelo Middle School, WTVA reported.

Do you think that a 9-year-old child understands the ramifications of shooting somebody? We'd like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

Another hard thing that needs to be taught but isn't is self control.


I agree with everything you said, but still think if there are kids present, guns should be locked away when there isn't DIRECT adult supervision. They don't have the judgment and control fully developed yet.

I was raised with guns everywhere in our home. A couple I had complete access to and yes they were loaded. BUT my dad taught all five of us kids about guns; the dangers and damage. Not to mention he instilled the fear of God himself if we ever even looked at guns for too long, much less touched them. Granted it was a completely different time back then. But to decide if a nine year old child knew what he was doing based on a very brief article is ridiculous. Nobody here knows this child or his parents. I firmly believe that if you are going to have a gun in your home with children, locked up or not, this child(ren) need to go to a gun range, see, feel and hear them and what they can do. It is the parents responsibility to ensure beyond a shadow of a doubt that their children understand these are not toys, they are real, they are lethal and there will be hell to pay if they touch them unsupervised. So for me, I blame the parents.


There are a lot of kids who have no concept of death. They sit around playing video games killing the opponent and guess what. The opponent shows up again after a brief time.
Generally a .25 cal. looks like a toy. Doesn't look like it can do any real damage. Without properly teaching the kids today what a real gun can do, even a BB gun, these types of incidents will occur.
I'm really curious who's .25 cal. pistol it was and where it was being kept.


Well according to the location and the names. At least two persons won't be collecting public assistance.