8-Year-Old Killed After Mother Forced Her Crawl Under Train To Get To Bus Stop

Tom Gantert

Police have charged Joy Frances Collins with child neglect in the accidental death of her daughter who was hit by train.

Fresno, CA – An eight-year-old girl was killed on Monday evening after her mother made her cut underneath an idling train to get to her bus stop.

The incident occurred at about 6 p.m. on Dec. 17 as the family was trying to catch a bus home,

Joy Frances Collins, 44, reportedly told her daughter, eight-year-old Joy Anna Harris, to “hurry up” but the girl was reluctant to crawl under the idling train, according to the Fresno Bee.

The girl’s nine-year-old brother went first, while the train was stationary, and he made it safely across, according to police.

After much encouragement from her mother, Joy Anna finally followed him.

However, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the train started to move just as the eight-year-old girl made her attempt at crossing underneath it.

The train lurched forward and the girl became trapped. She was dragged about 500 feet as the mother ran behind her.

By the time Collins was able to pull her daughter out, the little girl had died from traumatic injuries, according to the Fresno Bee.

Collins was arrested and charged with child neglect, according to the New York Daily News.

Police determined that the mother’s behavior was negligent based on witness statements, how dark it was when she made her children cut underneath the train, and her daughter’s reluctance to follow her mother’s instructions, the Fresno Bee reported.

Witnesses told police that the mother had told her children to try the dangerous shortcut at least seven other times, according to the Fresno Bee.

The mother admitted that their family had cut underneath the trains on multiple occasions without any problem.

Sheriff Dyer said that Fresno County Child Protection Services have had prior contact with Collins.

Christy Miller, who lives in home near the tracks, said she heard the screams of the family after the accident.

Miller said there should be a fence built between the tracks and the nearby homes and apartments, according to the Fresno Bee.

Her sentiment was echoed by numerous neighbors who said the wide-open tracks in the middle of a residential neighborhood are the home to many accidents involving residents and trains.

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From her photo, this woman doesn't look like she has a lot of brains. Could be the explanation for her poor parenting skills. Not an excuse, but I do wonder why CPS didn't take the kids away from her when they knew the family had problems. CPS sticks their nose into so many situations where they don't belong & cause problems for good families. Then a situation like this arises &, once again, they've screwed up & it cost a child her life.

No. 1-6

I'm betting CPS has been to her home previously - and WHY her children/child ARE still in her care is ridiculous!! there are sooo many peeps that would take/help children, if CPS didn't make u jump thru hoops and then back again...i mean, u've got idiots like THIS allowing their OWN children to do stooopid schit like this, that ANY sane person would KNOW not to do, and there are peeps with NO children who would love the chance to take PROPER care of any child!! this is just INSANE!!


There isn’t any fence separating the train tracks from the residential area, and no sign that says don’t crawl under an idling train it could be dangerous. So the railroad is clearly responsible and should be fined.


I investigated a decapitation in Sacramento when indigents attempted to cross between cars of an idling train and it began to move. That was a traumatic event for not only the victim, but the class of children on a school trip who witnessed this and also the responders. What could anyone be thinking of to cross between or under a train or encourage a child to do so? Oh, I know...they are not thinking.



Here we go. Another LOW_EST IQ wannabe. One who cannot stand seeing the disproportionate % level of black minorities showing up in these stories, so he feels the need to "get back".


If a history of injuries do not keep people away from danger. No fence will. total blind selfishness is the culprit here