7 Accomplices Arrested For Aiding Cpl. Singh's Killer

Police arrested seven accomplices, including a girlfriend, who helped an illegal immigrant cop killer elude the police

Bakersfield, CA – A Mexican national who is accused of murdering a California police officer was arrested along with seven other people who were charged with being accomplices for helping the suspect elude authorities.

After a massive manhunt, Gustavo Perez Arriaga, an illegal immigrant with gang affiliations, was arrested Friday.

The arrest was made 200 miles away from where he gunned down Newman Police Corporal Ronil Singh at a traffic stop at 1 a.m., according to ABC News.

SWAT team members surrounded the house in Bakersfield where the suspect was in and the 32-year-old surrendered without incident.

Among the seven other accomplices arrested in the aftermath include a woman said to be Arriaga’s girlfriend and two of his brothers, according to police.

Adrian Virgen, Arriaga’s brother, and co-worker Erik Razo Quiroz were arrested as accomplices, according to police. Conrado Virgen Mendoza, another brother to Arriaga, and Arriaga’s girlfriend Ana Leyde Cervantes were arrested Friday for helping Arriaga evade police, ABC reported.

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said three other people were also arrested in South Valley for aiding and abetting Arriaga.

Sheriff Youngblood said that Bernabe Madrigal Castaneda, Erasmo Villegas and Maria Lusia Moreno were all arrested at the house in Bakersfield, according to ABC.

Their legal status was not released.

Arriaga was a farm laborer who had two prior DUI arrests and is affiliated with the Surenos street gang, according to ABC. Arriaga is suspected of having been under the influence when he fatally shot Cpl. Singh. Police believe that Arriaga was alone when he murdered Cpl. Singh.

Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson criticized the state's newly enacted SB 54 law, which is credited with making California a sanctuary state.

The law was passed in October in protest of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and it limits the cooperation that California law enforcement can have with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), ABC reported.

“This is a criminal illegal alien with prior criminal activity that should have been reported to ICE. We were prohibited, law enforcement was prohibited, because of sanctuary laws, and that led to the encounter with Officer Singh,” Sheriff Christianson said, according to ABC.

"This suspect, unlike Ron – who immigrated to this country lawfully and legally to pursue his lifelong career of public safety, public service and being a police officer – this suspect is in our country illegally. He doesn't belong here. He's a criminal," Sheriff Christianson said during a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

During an emotional press conference on Thursday, Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson described Cpl. Singh as a "true patriot," and said that he immigrated to the U.S. specifically to become a police officer.

"That's all he wanted to do," Chief Richardson said. "You've never seen a man smile more than him."

The last time he saw Cpl. Singh was at 4 a.m. on Christmas day, as the chief was relieving him so he could go spend a few hours celebrating the holiday with his wife and infant son.

"My department is hurting," Chief Richardson said through tears. "We are struggling through this."

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How do liberals in California sleep at night? It's almost like they helped pull the trigger.


It's long past time for LEOs to start fleeing the state and good citizens should flee as well, since the LEOs won't be around to protect them, and just leave the state to the liberals and the illegals.

La Migra
La Migra

The D-KKKrats, control both Houses of California State Government, they can take their SB 54 and shove it, for making it possible for an illegal alien to murder this police officer...RIP Officer Singh.


Kudos to all Law Enforcement who worked together to capture this murderer and all who tried to sneak him out of the country before he could be held to account. Because I am what I am, a specific High Five to Donnie Youngblood and his deputies in Kern County. Job well done. You guys kick ass (figuratively, of course), and you always have.


I totally support people like Officer Singh who come this country the right way to become part of America. These things who come here just to commit crimes need to be punished in a way that doesn't cost the American taxpayer. And deportation isn't a punishment. Without an effective system to keep them from coming back it's just a minor inconvenience. They will be back, just like they never left, in less than a month. A name change, living in the "Golden Sanctuary State", and they are back in business. This has to stop. Condolences to Officer Singh's friends and family. RIP Hero.