6 Year Old Boy With Downs Reported To Cops By Teacher For 'Terrorism'

Mohammed Suleiman cannot speak, but his teacher told police the boy is a terrorist.

Pearland, TX – A six-year-old Muslim boy with Downs Syndrome has been labeled as a “terrorist” by his substitute teacher, according to the child’s bewildered father.

Maher Suleiman said his son, Mohammed Suleiman, has the mental capacity of a one-year-old and is unable to speak due to his intellectual difficulties.

“Mohammad was born with Down Syndrome chromosome 21,” Maher told KRIV. “He needs care all the time.”

Mohammad began working with an unnamed substitute teacher after his regular teacher left C.J. Harris Elementary School, his father said.

Maher said the new teacher called police on the young boy, and claimed he kept repeating the words “Allah and “boom” in the classroom.

“I went to the principal and she told me he makes full sentences. He speaks,” Maher told KRIV.

Maher said that assertion is completely false.

“It’s not true!” he told KRIV in disbelief. “He doesn’t speak at all!”

Mohammad’s teacher even went so far as to tell authorities the boy was a “terrorist,” Maher said.

“This is so stupid! This is discrimination, actually,” Maher told KRIV. “Not implied discrimination, it’s 100 percent discrimination.”

The teacher’s allegations resulted in a law enforcement investigation, and Child Protective Services have also become involved with the Suleiman family.

Maher said the last three to four weeks have been “the hardest of my life.”

According to KRIV, the Pearland Police Department said they investigated the allegations against Mohammad and found no need to be further involved with the child or his family.

A spokesperson from the Pearland Independent School District would not release any information due to privacy laws, KRIV reported.

“In my opinion, based on everything I heard from the police department and speaking with the administration from the school, that this was a story piecemealed together by a substitute teacher alleging this child was sexually harassing her, the teacher, and possibly being a terrorist,” activist-for-hire Quanell X told KRIV. “A 6-year-old kid.”

Quanell X, is leader of the Houston chapter of the New Black Panther Party, which has been designated a hate group by the SPLC.

The Child Protective Services investigation is ongoing, KRIV reported.

Does becoming a Leftist require giving up all capacity for independent thought and common sense? This "teacher" should be arrested and charged with something.

That poor child. The allegations that were made against him by this teacher are ridiculous. If (and when) they are proven to be false, what kind of punishment should the teacher receive? Will they be moved to a new district or just fired?

This teacher should not even be allowed to teach anymore! It sounds like discrimination to me. If the police didn't find a reason to be involved in their lives anymore, that should mean something. I think the "teacher" took the time to think this up and tried to make it sound as believable as possible.

Marlis, he's in school because he still has the ability to learn. He can learn to communicate through other means, such as pointing at a picture to show he wants something or is hungry. Children have the ability to learn and so they should be taught even if its just basic stuff that we take for granted. Plus the social environment that a school can offer that really isn't available at home can make huge differences in these children's lives. A great teacher can make a difference. Unfortunately for the boy in this article, it doesn't sound like this teacher is one of those people. Small children learning to speak never pronounce words correctly because the forming of the mouth and tongue have to be learned. It's possible that, even as a non verbal child, he knew a few words but didn't have proper pronunciation down (what 1 year does?) It's possible that he was trying to say "broom", but like most kids until they learn, said "boom".

@Marlis, because, no matter his mental capacity, he is a 6 year old child who has a right to education. Also, with properly trained staff and teachers, there is a huge ability to educate him and help him build life skills. Of course, the teacher in the article is not that teacher, this teacher should be terminated and loose her teaching credential. In addition. she could probably be prosecuted for what she has done, not to mention that she and the school could be named in a civil suit.