5 Citizens Killed By Mass Shooter, 5 Cops Shot While Running In To Take Him Out

Five police officers have been shot and five citizens have been killed.

Aurora, IL - Five police officers were shot Friday while responding to an active shooter where a gunman fatally shot five people.

The incident happened at around 1:24 p.m. when Gary Martin, 45, opened fire on factory workers at the Henry Pratt Company, according to ABC News.

Martin was reportedly a worker at the company.

Five workers were fatally shot, and an undisclosed number were wounded. The first responding officers ran into the gunfight, and five of the officers were shot.

Officers were able to kill Martin in the gunfight.

The motive for the shooting has not been released at this time. However, ABC7 reports that Martin was being fired from the company after 15 years of working there, and that he pulled his gun at his termination meeting.

All five officers are reported to be in stable condition, although two needed to be airlifted out due to the severity of their injuries.

Factory worker John Probst said that Martin was shooting people with a pistol equipped with a laser, according to ABC News.

Martin is a convicted felon for aggravated assault, according to ABC7.

Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman thanked the officers during the press conference. "Thank you for running towards gunfire and putting your lives in danger to protect those inside the business," she said.

President Trump took to Twitter to offer his thanks to law enforcement. Senators also thanked first responders and called for action against "gun violence."

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If you want to stop gun violence, fix the people who cause it. Criminals are going to have guns...like this one did. Convicted felon for aggravated assault. Fix the problem. It's not guns...it's people.


Praying for complete healing of those heroic police officers and of the other wounded survivors. Praying also for the families of the murdered victims. And for a gag to be placed over the mouths of the liberals who didn't waste time for their babble on gun control.


Prayers for the brothers/sisters in blue.

As to the politicians who only ever have "prayers and condolences" out of one side of their mouth: It is your lack of integrity, pandering for votes and vilification of law enforcement out of the other side of your mouth that has as much responsibility for these injured Officers as the shooter. He may have pulled the trigger, but you put those Officers in his line of fire by coddling criminals, hamstringing the very Officers who went forward and turning the public against those who are charged with enforcing the rules that you promulgate. You have managed to build a "political control" problem. Shame on every one of you.

And for the local trolls and mental midgets who regularly make their inane comments: This is why Officers are so much different than you will ever be. While they went into the battle you would have been piddling like a puppy while hiding behind your keyboard or taking video so that you could find something wrong in your feeble mind. For you? You are not worth anything.

Gun control is not the answer, people with control is.


I see Kamala Harris is keeping it classy by immediately politicizing the tragedy


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