4 Men Rob Man Holding Baby At McDonald's, But Their Would-Be Victim Was Packing

Robbers saw a man holding a baby and thought they had an easy target.They were wrong.

Memphis, TN – A man holding his infant daughter said he was attacked by four men at a McDonald’s but was able to get his gun and shoot one of the assailants before the men fled.

The incident happened at 1:35 p.m. May 15.

The victim said he was leaving the McDonald’s with his baby when he was attacked and robbed by four men he didn’t know.

The victim was able to get to his car and grab his gun and he shot one of the robbers, according to a police report.

One of the robbers was able to disarm him, possibly after he ran out of bullets, and fled.

The four suspects fled in a black vehicle that was later found at a Memphis fire station where the men drove for aid for the man who was shot, according to the Commercial Appeal.

Cortez Cole, 25, Terrell Pullen, 22 and Quinton Webb, 25, have been booked into jail on charged of robbery, according to the Commercial Appeal.

Ladarius Pugues, 21, has been hospitalized for treatment for his gunshot injury and was expected to recover, according to WREG-TV.

Cole was found in possession of the victim's gun, according to WREG.

WREG-TV interviewed a man who said he was Webb’s father and Pullen and Pughes’ grandfather. That man said this incident wasn’t a random robbery.

“Everybody knows each other,” said the man, who didn’t want to give out his name

Webb’s father said that group has had problems in the past so the four men went to talk to the victim.

WREG reported the victim has not been charged in the shooting.

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