4 Aurora Police Officers Shot While Responding Active Shooter In Illinois

Christopher Berg

Four officers were shot while responding to an active shooter.

Aurora, IL - Four Aurora police officers have been reported to have been shot at an active shooter scene at the Henry Pratt factory, according to Daily Herald.

All of the officers are reported to be in stable condition, according to city officials.

The incident started Friday afternoon when a factory worker opened fire on his co-workers. The number of victims and their conditions have not been released.

After officers arrived, the suspect was reported to have been "neutralized." The suspect's condition has not been released.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin tweeted, "My heart breaks for Aurora. I'm tracking updates on the situation with my staff. Thank you to the members of law enforcement who are responding to the emergency."

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Neutralized, what we used to call 10-7 D-dead.




Prayers for the brothers/sisters in blue.

As to the politicians who only ever have "prayers and condolences" out of one side of their mouth: It is your lack of integrity, pandering for votes and vilification of law enforcement out of the other side of your mouth that has as much responsibility for these injured Officers as the shooter. He may have pulled the trigger, but you put those Officers in his line of fire by coddling criminals, hamstringing the very Officers who went forward and turning the public against those who are charged with enforcing the rules that you promulgate. You have managed to build a "political control" problem. Shame on every one of you.

And for the local trolls and mental midgets who regularly make their inane comments: This is why Officers are so much different than you will ever be. While they went into the battle you would have been piddling like a puppy while hiding behind your keyboard or taking video so that you could find something wrong in your feeble mind. For you? You are not worth anything.

Gun control is not the answer, people with control is.