3-Year-Old Girl Mauled To Death By Family's New Dog

A three year old was killed by her family's new pet dog in Oklahoma on Sunday.

Duncan, OK – A three-year-old girl was mauled to death by her family’s new pet dog on Sunday.

Justin Dodge said he’d only left his house for a few moments on Jan. 14 to go see his brother when his mother called him and told him their new dog had attacked his daughter Rylee.

“And, when I came in the house, my mom was laying on the dog and she was just all bloody. I mean she was trying her best to get the dog off my daughter. My daughter was just there laying on the bed, just limp,” Dodge told KFOR. “My mom was right there when it happened. There is literally blood all through the house. And, that’s why I didn’t even come back last night because it’s so bad.”

Dodge said he’d only gotten the dog five days before his three year old was killed.

He said he took his son with him when he went to get the dog to see how the animal responded to children, and everything went well.

Dodge said his children had been playing with the dog without incident for several days, but on Sunday, something went terribly wrong.

Rylee opened the front door to go play with the dog in the fenced front yard, and the pit bull immediately attacked the toddler.

Dodge’s mother tried to intervene, but the dog proved to be too strong.

She called for help and then used all her strength holding the dog down until her son arrived.

His mother actually pulled her arm out of the socket trying to pull the dog off her granddaughter, he said. She was treated at the hospital later for her injuries.

When Dodge arrived home, he found his mother still struggling with the dog.

Dodge tried to take Rylee to the hospital, but the ambulance arrived as he was leaving, and paramedics immediately began CPR on the three year old. The little girl was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“She was just so chewed up, I mean there’s just no coming back from that. The doctors did everything they could. They tried to give her blood and everything, and she’d just passed. There’s nothing they could do, absolutely nothing,” Dodge told KFOR.

Police shot and killed the dog in the backyard at the request of Rylee’s devastated father.

The dog was a mix of pit bull and bulldog, People reported.

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Why do people think a dog bred for fighting is a good family pet? Pitbulls are unpredictable and dangerous. Pitbulls make up 6% of the dog population in the US but are responsible for 71% of the dog attack fatalities. This breed should be wiped from the face of the earth.


Sickandtired, you’re an idiot.


Thank you. Pitbull owner I assume?


It doesn’t matter what breed a dog is, all dogs can bite. Saying ‘all pitbulls are dangerous’ is like saying all black men are thugs and murderers. It’s all about how one is raised, if they are taught to be mean and fight that’s how they will be. My dog is the sweetest dog ever. Pitbulls are called the nanny dog. The media is responsible for this poor view about pitbulls.


The statistics sickandtired reported are accurate! I don't believe any breed should be wiped from the planet, however people people people be smart with these animals!

I have a dog that probably has some pit in him and I have NEVER EVER let him around children or small dogs. He was taught NO NO with children and dogs smaller than him. Just to stay away. And I expected children to stay away from him.