3-Time Felon Tries To Murder Chicago Cop Just After He's Paroled

A convicted felon tried to murder a Chicago police officer after he was released on parole.

Chicago, IL – A three-time felon and gang member tried to murder a Chicago Police Department officer on Tuesday.

Paris McKinley, a member of the Black P-Stones gang, had been released in parole just 16 days earlier.

Police said the incident began Mar. 6 when officers stopped McKinley’s minivan at about 1 a.m. after they observed his headlights flickering, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

McKinley couldn’t produce a driver’s license or proof of insurance after the 42-year-old officer contacted him.

Prosecutors said that the officer saw a 9mm Glock pistol on the floor of the van, just behind the console, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

In the middle of the traffic stop, McKinley suddenly slammed his foot on the gas, and sped away, dragging the Chicago PD officer with him for two blocks.

Then he ran a red light and collided with another vehicle, throwing the officer through the air and to the pavement, WLS-TV reported.

Prosecutors said that both vehicles sustained significant damage in the crash, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

McKinley was able to drive off after the collision.

WLS reported that he next crashed into the side of a building, and struck a gas meter and another car.

At that point, McKinley jumped out of his vehicle and fled on foot, with police in pursuit right behind him.

The suspect was found 20 minutes later, hiding on the third-floor deck of an apartment building in the 6300 block of South Claremont, and taken into custody.

The officer was transported to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn and treated for abrasions to his knees and right hand, police said.

Court records said McKinley was charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery to a police officer, armed habitual criminal, multiple weapons charges, and violations related to fleeing the traffic stop and crash, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

Judge Sophia Atcherson ordered McKinley, who has previously been convicted of robbery and weapons charges, held without bond at his hearing on Thursday. She cited his criminal history and the fact he’d gotten out of prison on Feb. 20 as reasons to keep him in jail.

He was scheduled to next appear in court on March 27.

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Add another 40 years to his prison history and see how violent he is when he's old.


Liberal judges nearly costing another cop his life!


He should not of been back out on the streets after the 1st time much less the 2nd and 3rd. Our Judicial system needs a bad overhaul. These cops should not be risking their life on the street because of a Judge behind a bench

Matt haines
Matt haines

We should put people like this in a cell block with each other, and give them a glod supply of butcher knives, and let them all kill each other


40 yrs Hell. Put that SOB to death & do it now.