25 Officers Injured In Riot After Armed Fugitive Is Shot Trying To Kill Cops

Sandy Malone

At least 25 officers were injured by a mob protesting the shooting of a fugitive by the U.S. Marshals Service.

Memphis, TN – At least 25 police officers were injured when a riot broke out on Wednesday night after U.S. Marshals shot a fugitive who was wanted on multiple warrants.

The shooting occurred at about 7 p.m. on June 12 when the U.S. Marshals Service’s Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force tried to take 20-year-old Brandon Webber into custody, NPR reported.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) said marshals approached Webber as he was getting into his car in the Frayser community in northern Memphis.

TBI said marshals tried to arrest Webber but "he reportedly rammed his vehicle into the officers' vehicles multiple times before exiting with a weapon,” NPR reported.

WMC reported that Webber then got out of his vehicle with a rifle and was shot by marshals.

"The officers fired, striking and killing the individual," TBI said.

No members of law enforcement were hurt during the incident, but afterward, when word of the fatal shooting had spread, outraged community members gathered nearby the scene, according to NPR.

U.S. Marshals contacted Memphis police for assistance and officers arrived in regular uniforms prepared to do mostly traffic enforcement.

WMC reported that Memphis PD did not initially deploy officers in riot gear because they didn’t want to appear threatening or intimidating.

But when officers arrived on the scene, they found an angry mob of protesters waiting for them.

Protesters began throwing bottles, rock and bricks at officers as the situation escalated, NPR reported.

Officers formed a “human wall” to protect the officers investigating the shooting, according to Heavy.

Memphis police deployed officers in riot gear and officers from multiple other agencies arrived to assist.

Police eventually had to disperse a “chemical agent” into the crowd to disrupt the growing riot, NBC News reported.

Homes, vehicles, and property that lay in the path of the protesters were vandalized, WMC reported.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland said that multiple police cars were damaged and a concrete wall outside a business was torn down, NBC News reported.

Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings said at least 25 officers from multiple agencies were injured during the melee.

Even reporters claimed to have been attacked by protesters as they tried to document what was happening.

Six officers were transported to the hospital for treatment of more serious injuries. Two journalists were also injured, the mayor said.

Dir. Rallings commended his officers for their restraint and asked the public to wait and not jump to conclusions about what had happened, NBC reported.

"My message tonight is that, is we should all wait and make sure we know exactly what happened before we spread misinformation or we jump to conclusions," he said.

Three people were arrested during the riot, WMC reported.

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Mig Alley
Mig Alley

Once again, the Amish rear their ugly heads...........oh wait.


Here's an idea.

Just let criminals do everything they want, anytime, anywhere.

I mean, if the bad bad po-po just left that guy alone, the Marshal wouldn't have had to shoot him, right? So, this is all the Marshal's fault.

So let's just let the inmates run the asylum, the po-po can stay at home, the criminals can rob, assault, kill, sell drugs, etc., and no one gets shot.

No one gets shot by the po-po, no more riots.

Problem solved.



It's coming to a point when I would not blame all of Law Enforcement to pull out of these ghetto neighborhoods and let them all implode. Again, why is support and cries for justice ONLY being given to an man that thought it was simply ok and his damn job to try and run over an officer and pull a gun? Only in America and I for one have had it!


Stop screwing around and just tear gas the shit out of these scum idiots.


This is getting f--king ridiculous!!! These ghetto rats rioting and pissed off all over a 20 year old thug who idolized the gangster lifestyle!! Pictures of him with guns and stacks of money and he already had 4 children out of wedlock!! I bet all his baby momma's are benefiting nicely off of the tax payers!! Smdh!! Sick of this s--t!!


I hope the Police Director and the Mayor are held accountable for their stupid decision not to have the officers wear their riot gear.


Memphis has been a city controlled by Democrats for years and the current Mayor is a liberal Democrat. Now tell me, Why are all large Cities that are primarily controlled by Democrats have so much violence? Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, LA, San Francisco, and Memphis to name a few.


I smell the making of a ghetto lottery!

He’ll give these miscreants all the ammo they want, pull back and watch the black on black assault until no more problems.
This is Obama’s fault!

Zero respect for the Law and less of themselves.
But it’s always someone else’s fault.

Poor poor lil black person the whitey is keeping you down! BS


Ya ever see the movie called, "Escape from NY" or "Escape from LA"? We should do that to all liberal controlled cities like Chicago or Oakland or wherever. It's kind of like a wall to protect the rest of the country from stupid liberal ideas.


Crop duster full of pepper spray might work. If not, rubber bullet carpet bombing from the sky with a B-52. They could even use those sensor fused delivery system to ensure a hit on each rioter.


When are the thugs going to realize when you bring a gun to a fight with LEOs your going to lose most of the time