13-Year-Old Girl Tries Reporting Sex Abuse, Mom Slaps Her, Tells Her 'Shut Up'

Mahlik "Moon" Kone allegedly began molesting the now-13-year-old victim in 2016.

Silver Spring, MD – A teenage rape victim who confided in her mother about the assaults was slapped and turned over to her abuser by the very woman who should have been protecting her.

In January, the 13-year-old girl told social workers that 22-year-old Mahlik “Moon” Kone had been molesting her since 2016, WJLA reported.

She explained that Kone, a friend of her mother’s, would often come visit at their Featherwood Court apartment on the weekends.

But on multiple occasions, Kone allegedly snuck into the girl’s bedroom and sexually molested her, according to court documents.

The teen told police that he threatened to hurt her if she didn’t comply, and she knew that he generally carried a gun, WJLA reported.

The traumatized victim ultimately turned to her mother for help, and revealed to her what Kone had been doing.

But instead of supporting and protecting her daughter, the girl’s mother lashed out in rage, slapped her, and told her to “shut up,” the teen said.

The victim’s mother then told Kone about the girl’s disclosure.

"[The victim] advised the next night after she told her mother, Kone threw her against the wall, slapped her and threatened to do something to her if she ever said anything again," a Montgomery County Special Victims Investigations Division officer’s report read.

The teen’s mother has since died, but police did not disclose her cause of death.

A warrant was issued for Kone’s arrest in mid-January, and he was apprehended on Monday.

Kone faces one count of third-degree sex offense, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison, WJLA reported.

He was granted a $20,000 unsecured personal bond by Montgomery County District Court Judge Aileen Oliver, and will not have to pay anything to be released from jail.

If he fails to show up to a court date in the future, the court could impose a fine of up to $20,000.

Kone’s next court appearance has been scheduled for July 12.

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Mig Alley
Mig Alley

Another story that fails to fit the agenda 🙄 but with some twisted logic and certain parties on here, who knows.


How many bets on this pervert not showing up in court? I feel mad about the poor young lady trying to ask her mother for help, only to be slapped and told to shut up. I guess her mom and the pervert were shacking up together and she didn't want to end that arrangement.


Poor girl!!! Hope she gets some much needed help!


Now the girl lives in terror waiting for Kone to show and finish what he promised. Great job "your honor!"


He's raping 10-13 year old girls and they LET HIM OUT!!!??? WHO ARE THESE FUCKING JUDGES!????