13 Year Old Gets Bullied Into Suicide, Then Bullys Torment Her Family

A 13-year-old girl hung herself after being constantly bullied.

Calimesa, CA – A 13-year-old California girl hung herself in her bedroom after putting up with years of bullying, and then the bullies went after her family.

Eighth-grader Rosalie Avila used to be a normal, happy teenager, according to her parents, but her father noticed something was off in recent months.

“I remember a couple nights she'd come home, telling me that the kids are calling her names about her teeth,” her father, Freddie Avila, told KNSD.

“I go, ‘You have braces, honey, don't worry. The braces are going to come off, and she said, ‘Yeah, but my teeth are straight and they're still making fun of me,’” Avila said.

He said Rosalie also turned to cutting herself to deal with the pain of the bullying.

On Nov. 28, she tried to kill herself. Her father found her after she hanged herself.

"I woke up and there was screaming," Avila said. "I had to find my daughter ... in her room."

Rosalie, who wanted to grow up and be an attorney, kept a journal in which she chronicled the bullying she endured, and who was doing it to her.

Her aunt, Sandra Zebaneh said that Mesa View Middle School was aware that Rosalie was being bullied, and that Rosalie had been in counseling.

Her parents have turned Rosalie’s journal over to the police, and they want the school district to do something about the bullying, saying enough wasn’t done to prevent this tragedy, KCBS reported.

“I did everything I’m supposed to do as a father, and these people did not respond, because those bullies are still at the school,” her father said. “They’re still there, and my daughter’s gone.”

In fact, even though Rosalie had attempted suicide and wasn’t expected to live, her parents said the bullying didn’t stop.

They received a message on social media with photos of Rosalie saying, “Hey mom. Next time don’t tuck me in this,” referencing a bed. Below that, it says, “Tuck me in THIS,” with a picture of their daughter pointing to an open grave.

“For you to do that, I mean, you’re heartless. You’re a very heartless person, and you have no compassion,” said her mother, Charlene Avila.

Rosalie was taken to Loma Linda Children's Hospital in extremely critical condition after her suicide attempt.

She was taken off life support on Monday morning, and her parents donated her organs.

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I was bullied all throughout my childhood; it was never-ending even all through College. I earned my PhD with my own real blood and smashed hands and other broken bones. Nobody ever even THOUGHT to do anything for me, and I didn't kill myself over it. My parents gave stupid advice, the school teachers/coaches/etc all looked the other way. But I didn't kill myself over it. And now I know where my bullies are today: They're mowing my lawn and picking up my garbage twice a week. Karma is a wonderful thing.
However, my point is this: Bullying is a normal part of growing up; some had it worse than others but nobody ever died over it in MY generation. Something is wrong nowadays, that's for sure.


I have a couple of concerns here, in general. Bullying is partly a learned behaviour, where are they learning it? And where are kids learning how to kill themselves? 13 I understand where they learn it, but 8? We have apparently stopped parenting our children and are letting others do the parenting. People need to be held accountable for bad parenting. Mandatory parenting classes for parents of bullies. Mandatory counselling for bullies.


Rest in the arms of Jesus little one. You are, and always will be, a beautiful child. I am so sorry for your loss Momma and Dad. My prayers are being said for you.


PROSECUTE THEM! We should have family jails. Parents should stay with bullys until brat turns 23 and can attend prison by their lone self. For death ... 40 years!


So sad, R.I.P. beautiful girl. I wore braces at 37 and I know how cruel people can be. God please console the hearts of her family. Bullying should be considered a heinous crime!