1 Dead, 15 Wounded In Kansas City; Gunman Taken Out By Armed Security

Holly Matkin

A woman was murdered and 15 more people were wounded when a gunman opened fire on a crowd outside a nightclub.

Kansas City, MO – A woman was murdered and 15 more people were wounded when a gunman opened fire on a crowd outside a nightclub on Sunday night.

The attack occurred in the 4800-block of Noland Road at approximately 11:30 p.m., KCTV reported.

Kansas City police found a woman and the male shooter dead in the parking lot.

At least 15 other people were rushed to area hospitals.

Three of those victims are listed in critical condition.

According to investigators, the gunman opened fire on a line of patrons as they were waiting to get into the nightclub, KCTV reported.

When the gunfire erupted, the club’s armed security guard returned fire, killing the attacker.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas released a statement thanking the security guard from stopping the gunman before more victims were wounded or killed.

“My thoughts are with the families and friends of those whose lives were lost or impacted by last night’s mass shooting,” Lucas tweeted early Monday morning. “Thankful security appears to have kept the situation from being even worse.”

Police have not released the potential motive behind the mass shooting.

Multiple weapons were recovered at the scene, KMBC reported.

“The next anticipated information release will most likely be the ID of deceased victims once the next of kin have been notified," the Kansas City Police Department said in a statement to ABC News.

The deadly attack came just hours after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Tennessee Titans in the AFC championship game, securing their place in this year’s Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years, USA Today reported.

“It just put such a tragic end to such a wonderful day in Kansas City,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker told the news outlet. “It’s just hard to stand here and talk about this kind of tragedy on really one of the best days Kansas City has had in a long time.”

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A so called “CLUB” that happens to be a favorite hangout for gang members and other criminals in Kanas City. Someone must have got disrespected or mean mugged the wrong felon. Can you believe this could happen on the eve of MLK day. 🥱

No. 1-7

It's an all black club. No surprise here.


Very few clubs have armed security UNLESS it is a favorite place for the criminal element to congregate.


The usual suspect....again!


Meanwhile in Chicago, this happens DAILY.

Also, meanwhile in Virginia, THOUSANDS upon thousands of people PEACEFULLY protested gun control laws. They were either armed (those that stayed outside capital ground proper) or they willingly followed the directive to be unarmed, even waiting patiently one line for HOURS to go through security/metal detectors. All those guns, yet not one single shot fired.

Conclusion: guns aren't the problem. Criminals with guns are the problem. If only there were a way to lock up those who break the law and then prevent them from having weapons after they are released. Hmmmmmm. 🤔

Or, failing that, as many liberals have tried to "reform" the Justice system, maybe a mayor could have the guts to impose a curfew or restrict a criminal's access to clubs that are known to be places of criminal activity. But of course that just makes too much sense.


Typical!! Poor little black boy who is a felon got denied entry into the club, went to his vehicle and pulled out an illegal gun and decided to start shooting people cause he was mad!! I wonder who the victims are going to sue for they ghetto lottery???

Slim Pickins
Slim Pickins

Think about this hypothetical. A jogger was jogging in a city park when he was shot in his left arm. He saw no body when he was shot. The jogger sued the park for his injury. The lawyer representing the park said the gun fired by itself, therefore the park is not responsible. No evidence of anyone around the gun that was found after the shooting by Police. The Judge said it was not possible. A gun shooting a jogger by itself with help from no one is impossible. The joggers lawyer asked the judge this. Why then after all the shootings in schools, Churches, dance halls, bars, streets, movie theaters, etc have the Socialist / Communist Democratic law makers blamed the gun for all the shootings ( Not The Criminals Pulling The Triggers) and are doing their very best to condemn guns and confiscate them from all law abiding gun owners in America? Guns don't kill. The thugs, murderers, looney tunes and bad people that load, point and pull the trigger are the problem. The gun is a Socialist / Communist Democratic escape 🐐. These Democratic 2nd Amendment hating gun confiscaters know they can not rule America by hook or crook as long as we pheasant's have a gun to defend our God given rights and our families. The thousands of gun laws on the books , if enforced would eliminate the unconstitutional gun ban and confiscations going on around our country.