1 Auburn Officer Murdered And 2 More Wounded

Holly Matkin

Three Auburn police officers were shot - one fatally - while they were responding to a domestic disturbance on Sunday.

Auburn, AL – One Auburn police officer was fatally shot and two more were wounded while responding to a domestic disturbance late Sunday night.

Police said the alleged gunman, 29-year-old Grady Wayne Wilkes, was last seen at the trailer park in the 3000-Block of Wire Road at approximately 11:30 p.m., according to OAN.

He is described as being 6 feet, 4 inches tall, weighs approximately 215 pounds, and was wearing body armor, a helmet, and camo clothing, NBC News reported.

Wilkes is believed to be armed and dangerous and should be considered “a serious risk to the public,” the State of Alabama said in a blue alert.

UPDATE: The suspect is now in custody.

A blue alert is issued when a law enforcement officer is wounded or killed and the suspect is still at large so that the public can help locate the accused killer.

The fatal altercation began at approximately 10:10 p.m., when Auburn police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at the trailer park, OAN reported.

"Once on scene officers were met with gun fire from a white male suspect, later identified as Grady Wayne Wilkes, age 29,” the Auburn Police Department (APD) said in a press release.

It is unclear whether or not officers were able to return fire, The Birmingham News reported.

Three officers were rushed to local hospitals after being struck by gunfire during the attack, and at least one of whom was airlifted.

One officer later died in the emergency room, according to NBC News.

The other two wounded officer are expected to recover.

The identities of the three officers have not been released.

“This is probably the worst day of my time here and words cannot express the loss for this family, and our family, and this community," Auburn Police Chief Paul Register said during a press conference shortly after 5 a.m. on Monday.

The suspect is “armed and definitely considered dangerous,” and police will do “whatever it takes” to apprehend him, Chief Register said at the time.

He said that multiple local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies joined the search for Wilkes, who was not known to the police department prior to the shooting, OAN reported.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation will lead the investigation, according to The Birmingham News.

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He'll be captured...hopefully dead.

No. 1-6

And he's alive?? If you mu5rder a cop you should be executed as soon as you are found. Fuck being sent to prison for 300 years!


Holy cow, this just breaks my heart. RIP 🖤💙 🖤


@LEO0301 He was unfortunately, Alabama has to waste all that money on a trial. I was watching Body Cam early morning before and this POS shot and killed his estranged wife on Christmas day in Oregon. The call goes out with Oregon State Patrol being asked for assistance. A Trooper almost immediately spotted the vehicle and gave chase. POS takes him down a dead end. The Trooper is hanging back. POS turns around at the dead end comes back head-on at the Trooper shooting the entire time he is close enough. He hits the front passenger side corner gets out continuing to fire. The Trooper calls in advising he's been shot and God bless him his next transmission was that he was down. POS shot him 12 times. After he was down he shot him over the hood of his Patrol Unit. When POS realized the Trooper had dropped his weapon and bc of a hip shot couldn't get up to get it POS gets it. He then fires the Trooper's duty weapon at him. I would suppose it was to be the coup de gras shot. Back-up finally arrives and they see POS in the bushes and light him up 20 times. It wasn't until I was reading about it further I found out the POS had killed himself. Trooper Nic Cederberg is survived. His wife works as an Officer at Portland PD.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Did he know he was firing at police officers, or did he think he was firing at home invaders? Somebody should ask him that.


Re: "UPDATE: The suspect is now in custody." UPDATE Should Read 1 Officer Murdered, 2 Injured - Suspect Deceased !