1,828 Prisoners, 109 Staff Infected With Coronavirus In One Ohio Prison

Sandy Malone

Twenty-one percent of positive coronavirus cases in Ohio were found in the state's correctional facilities.

Marion County, OH – Ohio has had almost 13,000 residents test positive for coronavirus, and 21 percent of those cases are within the state prison system, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

As of Sunday, 2,400 inmates in state correctional facilities had tested positive for COVID-19, with 1,828 of those in Marion County alone, WOIO reported.

That means 76 percent of the infected prison population in the state is in Marion County, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

The 1,828 prisoners infected in Marion County represent 73 percent of that correctional facility’s entire population.

The 667 prisoners who have not yet been infected have been quarantined for their safety, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

Data from the Ohio Department of Health revealed that 109 staff members at Marion Correctional Institution had tested positive for coronavirus, too, WBNS reported.

Marion County’s entire coronavirus-infected population, including inmates, totaled 2,073 with only one fatality so far, according to Bing’s COVID-19 Tracker.

The one death was a staff member from the prison, WCMH reported.

The Ohio Department of Health said Sunday that there were an additional probable 13 cases in Marion County under the expanded case definitions from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), WBNS reported.

The health department said that Marion Correctional Institution was under full quarantine.

That means that prison administrators have moved inmates who have been exposed – or even potentially exposed – to a separate area to see if they become sick, WBNS reported.

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections has said that most of its facilities, which house a total of 29,000 prisoners, are now under full quarantine, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

“Throughout our mass testing process, we have found many individuals who are testing positive for COVID who are asymptomatic,” Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections spokeswoman JoEllen Smith said.

As of April 20, the state of Ohio had 12,919 positive cases of coronavirus and had suffered 509 fatalities, according to Bing’s COVID-19 Tracker.

Marion County has more positive cases than any other county in the state, according to WCMH.

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Herd mentality is working just like it’s supposed to. All those infected and 1 person dies. I would bet there was an underlying condition for the one who died. This is more proof we need to open our country back up and herd mentality works.

Sergeant PJB
Sergeant PJB

What is really sad about this? That law abiding Ohio citizens cannot get tested until they are really sick, yet all the prisoners get tested.

Wolf Hunter
Wolf Hunter

Maybe they are practicing "anti-social" distancing...


If you can't control it in a prison, where can you control it?