We need to get stricter laws for criminals who shoot first responders no matter what type of department they work for.

We have two swat members who are suspended because they were in a training in the area when they heard the call shooting at a high school. What has this world come to when you suspend two officers for doing their job. Maybe they did try to call in to dispatch and because so many calls coming in a one time it didn't go thru...Are they suppose to wait and let more children be murdered or do their job.

If your navy seal you don't advertise your going in for attack till after its over. What if that shooter had a police radio and heard swat was approaching and where they were entering? He had armored clothing on and weapons on him and it was a mass shooting. In Basic training you taught to survey the situation and have a plan and enter and stop the shooter. These two individuals felt they were trained to know the situation and enter the building together and get the people out safely and as quickly as possible. How long did it take for the team to arrive? You had a officer on the grounds who they stated stayed outside the building under cover while innocent children were being slaughtered. They called him a Coward and he was terminated but then you have two who did enter building and they are suspended? Double standards here????