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Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

I can appreciate both sentiments, and they are related.

Re-electing Trump is so important for giving law enforcement resources and respect.

FYI, proper English grammar would suggest "Blue Lives Matter" or "Blue Lives Do Matter." I/you/we/they "do." He/she/they/it "does."

What do you plan to do with the banner? Can you vote? You don't have to answer that.

Isn't America great, where you can fly whatever banner you want to fly?

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Amitzah Mitzvah
Amitzah Mitzvah

The banner is my poncho raincoat. After OUR BELOVED GREAT HONEST PATRIOTIC AMERICAN HERO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is REELECTED on NOVEMBER 3, 2020 IF I can successfully change the date and use it for his upcoming 2024 election ..😂. If I can't change the date, I think I am going to donate it to the DONALD TRUMP MUSEUM. I think if he builds and opens a museum and if people were to donate or sale an item they made to him he would have a fun and fantastic museum.

I purposely used poor grammar because of the ignorance that deviants apply to the word do.

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