Heroes Down: Brookhaven Patrolman James White, Corporal Zack Moak Murdered

Brookhaven officers James White (left) and Zack Moak (right) were murdered Saturday morning.

Brookhaven, MS - Brookhaven Patrolman James White and Corporal Zack Moak were murdered in the line of duty Saturday morning.

The incident started as Officers White, 35, and Moak, 31, were responding to a report of shots fired at around 5 a.m. at 630 N. 6th Street, according to Chief Kenneth Collins.

The officers arrived one after another and were shot by Marquis Flowers, 25.

Despite earlier reports of two gunmen, Flowers was the only suspect involved.

During the gunfight, both officers were mortally wounded, and Flowers was wounded.

Both officers were transported to the hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Flowers was transported to the hospital, and officials refused to release his condition.

Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is handling the investigation.

“We answer those calls many times, and nothing ever happens. One hundred times — just that one time is all it takes,” the chief said at a press conference.

"Two heroes lost their lives this morning. They are in the presence of Jesus right now,” Chief Collins said. “I want the families to know that we’re going to keep on doing what we do, in Jesus’ name.”

Corporal Moak was hired by the department in 2015 and Officer White was just recently hired.

“We lost two fine young men today, and they have families,” Mississippi DPS Commissioner Marshall Fisher said. “Please keep them in your prayers.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Brookhaven Patrolman James White and Corporal Zack Moak, both blood and blue. Thank you for your service.

Your lives mattered.

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I'm getting tired of reading these stories on a regular basis. Yet the liberals and black lives matter scum continue to criticize officers for defending themselves, even going so far as trying to take away their firearms. What a F-up world we live in. We can thank Obama and his band of merry retards for creating this anti-police environment.


Rest in peace, Patrolman White and Corporal Moak. May God comfort your families, both blood and blue, during their time of grief. May justice be done, one way or another, God's way or man's way, for your deaths.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Thoughts and prayers. Sounds like these officers made the ultimate heroic sacrifice, for which everyone should be grateful.


@LEO0301 I love how your language and emotion changes when someone black shoots a cop, vice someone white.

That's the kind of solid integrity you carried all through your career, right? Good job!


Condolences to both families and department. Rest in Peace Brothers...