Hero? Not! He didn't think of his family; the grief he would cause them, the anguish of losing him.
He sounds like an achiever so are they positive it was a suicide?

TJ hammer
That's what is wrong with this site.
First and foremost, I was not responding to the article about Danielle. And sorry for your loss and the wanton loss of life.

When I receive these articles, they are all bunched up and I obviously made a comment on the incorrect article. I never saw the article you refer to until I came here and searched for it.

It clearly refers to Danielle as a female and I would not have referred to her as male, despite the picture of her posted here.

And you have a filthy mouth. Direct it at the individual who caused your sister's death.

Abby’s comment was towards another officers apparent suicide in WV, where her comments are simply callous.


Abbynemo, you my dear are an ass in every sense of the word. At no point in the article does it say anything about a suicide. I dont know where you got tour info. Maybe you were in his house with him. Maybe you helped him. As far as him being a hero, yes he was. He put his life on the line to help dumb asses like you everyday. I think you should take more care in reading the true article instead of between the lines and making of it what you want it to say, like CNN does

Nicely put Donna 4964 & thank you, I’m a LEO and it’s nice and much appreciated to get positive words instead of negative. As for Abbynemo...he’s just your average piece of shit who was probably bullied in school..Napoleon syndrome.


Well put, Rick!