Hero Down: Wisconsin DOC Sergeant Tracey Smith Murdered By Road-Raging Motorist

Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sergeant Tracey Smith served her agency for 23 years.

Milwaukee, WI – Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) Sergeant Tracey Smith was fatally shot by a road-raging motorist as she was teaching her 17-year-old son how to drive on Aug. 30.

“That was a real weak man move to sit there and shoot a lady in front of her son,” her sister, Sherri Luckett, told WTMJ.

The incident occurred at approximately 5:15 p.m., as the teen and his 47-year-old mother were waiting to make a left-hand turn at the intersection of 51st Street and Capitol Drive, WISN reported.

Another motorist, later identified as 35-year-old Matthew Wilks, suddenly veered into their lane and slammed into them.

According to Sgt. Smith’s family, a confrontation ensued after she got out to check on the damage to her vehicle, WTMJ reported.

Her son said that when Sgt. Smith began talking to Wilks, he threatened to kill her, then pulled out a gun and shot her in the chest, according to WISN.

As Wilks fled the scene, the boy loaded his mother into their car and rushed her to the hospital, WTMJ reported.

She later died of her wounds.

Police arrested Wilks on Monday, and he has since been charged with first-degree intentional homicide, according to WISN.

"I don't know what to say, but I know one thing,” Sgt. Smith’s father, Ollie Luckett, told the news outlet. “The way my daughter lost her life – it wasn't right. It ain't right.”

Luckett said that his daughter was “a beautiful person” who “knew how to treat people,” WISN reported.

“She knew how to talk to people,” he said. “She was wonderful.”

Sgt. Smith was a 23-year veteran of the Wisconsin DOC, and was assigned to the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility at the time of her murder, the Journal Sentinel reported.

"The Department of Corrections family is mourning the tragic death of Sergeant Tracey Smith, who passed away from a senseless act of violence on Friday," DOC Secretary Kevin Carr told the news outlet on Tuesday.

"Sgt. Smith courageously served Wisconsin communities for 23 years as a member of the DOC, and her contributions to the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility will be felt long after her passing,” Carr continued. "Today, I want to express my sincere condolences and stand in solidarity with Sgt. Smith's family, friends and co-workers."

Sgt. Smith leaves behind her two sons, as well as her parents and sister.

"She went to work every day," her mother, JoAnne Luckett, told WITI. "She made a life for her and her sons…It’s just not right.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sergeant Tracey Smith, both blood and blue. Thank you for your service.

Rest easy, hero. We’ll hold the line from here.

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this POS deserves to be drawn, quartered and deposited back into the gutter he crawled out of.


Such a senseless tragedy.


Rest in peace, Sergeant Smith. Such an awful tragedy for your sons, but most of all, the one who had to witness your murder. May God comfort your family, both blood and blue. Thank you for your service to your state.


RIP sister


Road rage escalates quickly. this guy was either crazy or drunk, or both. I'm sure you all have heard the saying "An eye for an eye". Today the justice system dishes out free room and board, social activities and 0 deductible, zero copay healthcare to people that murder others for a very long time at the taxpayer's expense. Screw the liberal mindset that killers need to be coddled. Anyone who intentionally takes a life like that should be executed within 30 days. Bernie wants the prison population reduced by 50&%, well this is a great place to start! Not only will it clear thousands (maybe millions) , but the deterrent effect will keep people from going to jail in the first place, because they don;t like the odds.