Hero Down: Stanton Police Det. James Traver Kirk Dies From On-Duty Heart Attack

Holly Matkin

Stanton Police Department Detective James Traver Kirk died in the line of duty on Feb. 11.

Stanton, KY – Stanton Police Department (SPD) Detective James Traver Kirk died in the line of duty after suffering a fatal heart attack on Feb. 11.

The 40-year-old detective had just obtained a search warrant at the Powell County Courthouse and was leaving the building when he suddenly collapsed outside, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.

He was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Doctors determined he had suffered a fatal heart attack, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.

"It truly is like you lost a member of your family,” Stanton Police Lieutenant Jason Bunch told WKYT. “Law enforcement is a brotherhood and a sisterhood.”

Wolf County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Holland said that he enjoyed the opportunities he had to work with Det. Kirk.

"He's a great officer,” Deputy Holland said. “[I] learned a lot from him, very good to people, very courteous.”

Powell County Sheriff’s Deputy Eddie Barnes said that even the suspects Det. Kirk arrested had respect for him, WKYT reported.

“He knew how to treat people,” Deputy Barnes explained. “They would wake up the next morning [after being arrested] as say ‘yeah man, I messed up and I deserved it.’”

Det. Kirk served as the chief of the Clay City Police Department prior to joining the SPD in 2018, WDKY reported.

He was the recipient of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department’s Life Saving Award earlier in his career, according to his obituary.

Det. Kirk was also posthumously honored with the SPD’s Meritorious Service Award.

He leaves behind his wife, Brandy, as well as his four daughters.

Det. Kirk is also survived by his mother, sister, grandchild, and in-laws, according to his obituary.

He was laid to rest on Feb. 15.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Stanton Police Department Detective James Traver Kirk, both blood and blue. Thank you for your service.

Rest easy, hero. We’ll hold the line from here.

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RIP DET. KIRK. Your life mattered.


R.I.P DET. Kirk, go rest in the arms of God. Praying for the family both blood and blue. 🇺🇸💙




Thank you for your service. Your life matterwd and you are our Hero. Rest in Peace.


Condolences for the family. I just put together his name is James T. Kirk. I'm sure he was as awesome as his name.

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