Hero Down: Retired Atlanta Police K9 Arna Dies

Atlanta Police K9 Arna was laid to rest by her department.

Atlanta, GA - Police K9 Arna was laid to rest by the Atlanta Police Department on Tuesday, Nov. 28.

K9 Arna served the city of Atlanta from 2006 until she retired in 2015. She was a five-time first place winner of the U.S. Police Canine Association’s “Top Dog” award in the narcotics drug detector trials for her region.

During her police career, K9 Arna and her handler, Atlanta Senior Police Officer R.J. Spearl, completed 3,358 searches, and made nearly 2,000 finds of narcotics valued at more than $6 million.

Officer Spearl said that K9 Arna was a loyal dog who demonstrated her dedication over the years they worked together.

He told WXIA about one particular incident where police would not have found a stash of drugs and guns without the dog’s assistance.

"As we approached the TV, I noticed a change in Arna’s body language and her tail began to wag which only happened when she detected narcotics odor while in search mode. We detailed the TV with no alerts," Officer Spearl said.

K9 Arna wouldn't leave the spot, and Officer Spearl said that he looked over to the corner of the room, and saw that the carpet was frayed.

"I told the investigator that was with me to pull the carpet back to the area where Arna was alerting,” he said.

Police looked under the carpet, and found a hole in the floor that contained a box filled with drugs and guns.

Details were not released about the cause of K9 Arna's death.

Our thoughts and prayers are with K9 Arna's handler, Officer Spearl, and the Atlanta Police Department for their loss.

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K9 Arna will be waiting for her partner, Officer Spearl, to arrive in heaven.