Hero Down: NYPD Detective Nicholas Budney Shot Himself At Crowded Bar

36-year-old Detective Nicholas Budney fatally shot himself at a crowded bar, but wasn't found until the next day.

Newburgh, NY - NYPD Detective Nicholas Budney, 36, fatally shot himself at a busy bar Saturday night.

The shooting happened sometime Saturday night at Billy Joe's Ribworks in Newburgh, when the detective shot himself in the head.

The detective's body wasn't found until the next day when a worker discovered him on the back deck, according to News 12.

Billy Joe's Ribworks is known for being popular and having very large crowds, and it's not clear how the detective's body was missed while the bar was packed on Saturday night.

Detective Budney graduated from Haldane High School in 2000, and attended SUNY Plattsburgh and John Jay College of Criminal Justice, according to his obituary.

He graduated from the NYPD academy in 2005,and was assigned to the 47th Precinct in the Bronx.

He was named Officer of the Year four times, and was a member of Special Operations.

​Detective Budney was also a firefighter at North Highlands Fire Department, and named Fireman of the Year there, too.

​He leaves behind his wife, parents, and siblings.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Detective Nicholas Budney, both blood and blue. Godspeed, we will take the watch from here.

Thank you for your service.

Donations can be made to NYC Detective Endowment Association Widows and Orphans Fund, 26 Thomas St., New York, NY 10007.

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How sad and heavy-hearted his family - both blood and blue, and his friends must be. :( 💔


this is written as if suicide is 101% certain ... my question is why? i think a real life "Quincy" needs to do a forensic autopsy ... this doesn't smell right, although i apologize in advance for any extra pain this may cause the family.


Seems like he saw his wife cheating on him. was depressed & people just left him to cool down.


Please everyone stop speculating and let the department do the investigation. It's very easy for a shooter to make a head shot look like suicide...I sincerely hope they don't rule out suspicious goings on and hopefully the media won't butt in....I am not a fan of the media as I don't believe we need to know EVERYTHING...that