Hero Down: NJ State Trooper Brian McNally Killed Coming Home From Military Drill

A New Jersey state trooper was killed in a fiery car wreck on Sunday night.

Greenwich Township, PA – Off-duty New Jersey State Trooper Brian McNally died in a fiery two-vehicle accident on Sunday night, as he was traveling home from his weekend drill as a reservist with the United States Marine Corps.

Trooper McNally, 30, was driving along 1-78 eastbound at approximately 6:30 p.m., when traffic began to slow for an active construction zone, the Bernardsville Patch reported.

As the trooper moved from the left lane into the right lane, he struck the rear end of a tractor-trailer, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper David Beohm said.

The impact caused the trooper’s vehicle and the trailer to burst into flames. Both became engulfed.

Trooper McNally was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, police said.

"The men and women of the state police are devastated by the tragic loss of Trooper McNally,” Colonel Patrick Callahan, acting superintendent of the New Jersey State Police said, according to WFMZ. "Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with his family. Brian's life was a testament to his dedication to service of both state and country."

Trooper McNally graduated from the state police academy on Aug. 29, 2014, and was working out of the Washington Station, the agency said in a statement on Monday.

He was also a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps.

“My heart goes out to the family of Trooper McNally and to the Troopers and Marines who served with him,” Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said, according to the state police. “He lived his life in service to New Jersey, to his country, and to the safety and security of all of us.”

“It is with great sadness and gratitude that we honor his memory,” Grewal added.

The investigation into the fatal collision was being conducted by the Pennsylvania State police.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of New Jersey State Trooper Brian McNally, both blood and blue. Thank you for your service.

Rest easy, hero. We’ll hold the line from here.

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He is not worth our time or energy. Better spent on sending prayers, love and positive thoughts to the entire McNally family and our beloved troopers who mourn his passing!! God bless you all!!


Oh yes this was it.

{He 'was killed', or 'killed himself'?}

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@Hi_estCommDenomn May God grant you more grace than you are capable of offering. Your judgmental and holier-than-thou comments are disgraceful!! Not to mention your lack of decorum is appalling. Regardless of how this young man was driving or what the circumstances are, this was not the venue for you to air out your personal, self-righteous opinions! God bless the entire McNally family on this horrible tragedy and loss!! Thank you John McNally for your service and dedication to our state and country.


@Det_John_Kimble Now you're just lying. Stop that.