Hero Down: New Kensington Police Officer Brian Shaw Murdered

Officer Brian Shaw was murdered Saturday night.

New Kensington, PA - New Kensington Police Officer Brian Shaw, age 25, was fatally shot on Friday night.

The incident occurred about 8:10 PM in the 1200 block of Leishman Avenue during a traffic stop, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Officer Shaw was shot in the chest when he pulled over an SUV. The suspect fled, other officers began a foot pursuit, and more shots were fired, according to New Kensington Police Chief James Klein.

The suspect was able to escape.

Officer Shaw was transported to Allegheny Valley Hospital, where he died.

A manhunt was still underway Saturday morning to find the killer.

At least eight police K9s were being used in the search. Officers responded to assist from other jurisdictions including the Cheswick Borough Police Department, the West Leechburg Borough Police Department, and the Washington Township Police Department.

A Pittsburgh Police Department SWAT team and ATF agents also responded to assist.

Police issued a series of alerts for the suspect and the vehicle he was reported to be driving, a brown older model Jeep Cherokee. The vehicle has since been found and police are still searching for the suspect.

New Kensington police detectives, assisted by the Westmoreland County District Attorney, are conducting the investigation.

Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call New Kensington police at 724-339-7533 or call 911.

Officer Shaw was a 2010 graduate of Burrell High School, where he played soccer and was named Burrell High School's football kicker in his senior year, 2009-2010.

He graduated from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, and graduated from the Allegheny County Police Academy in 2014.

Officer Shaw worked as a part-time police officer for the Cheswick Borough Police, the Frazer Township Police Department, and, most recently, the Springdale Township Police Department prior to joining the New Kensington Police Department in June.

His friend, Allie Wilhelm said "Ever since he was 17 or 18, that was all he talked about. He was like, 'It's my calling.'"

"I ran into him about six months ago, he was in uniform and he looked great. He looked happy, so happy."

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of New Kensington Police Officer Shaw, both blood and blue. Godspeed, sir, we will take the watch from here. Thank you for your service.

Officer Brian Shaw, your life mattered.

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More Ferguson Effect. The police baiting of the NFL and the Corrupt Liberal Media has its consequences.


Stand strong brother blues.We stand behind you in the Court's and in the streets.We do do not advocate a vigilanty society nor a police state.Yet we support lawful nations to bring judgement on the pshycotic and criminally minded.This should include the dog whistling media and social predators that cause week minded people to react with vile inhumanity.We shall overcome this new narrative,with justice for all.We need to value life and respect our country.We need to see character over color,and we need to see our nation as one nation under God.


Rest in peace, Officer Shaw. It's so heartbreaking when the murdered officer is young and really wanted to be a LEO - not that's it's less heartbreaking when any LEO dies in the line of duty. I grieve at the death of any and all LEOs.