Hero Down: Millville Police Department K9 Chase Dies After Cardiac Complications

Holly Matkin

Millville Police Department K9 Chase served his department for eight years.

Millville, NJ – Millville Police Department (MPD) K9 Chase died on Jan. 25, after he suffered cardiac complications during an event at his department.

“While attending a department function, K-9 Chase showed signs of distress,” the MPD said in a Facebook post. “He was immediately transported to veterinary care where he experienced cardiac complications, and Sadly passed several hours later.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Calchi and his family with the loss of K-9 Chase,” the MPD said. “K-9 Chase will be sadly missed by the entire Department.”

K9 Chase, a nine-year-old Belgian Malinois, served the community alongside his handler, MPD Officer Michael Calchi, for eight years, the agency said.

The duo graduated from the Atlantic County John Sonny Burke K9 Academy in 2012, and were subsequently assigned to the MPD’s patrol division.

They were “instrumental in the seizure of millions of dollars in drugs,” and also took “numerous criminals off of the streets they have been sworn to protect,” the MPD said.

In 2016, K9 Chase and MPD K9 Rio detected $44,430 in cash, 21 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, 4.25 ounces of heroin, 28 kilos of cocaine and 446 pounds of marijuana that were being trafficked through the postal service, the Daily Journal reported.

It was one of many busts he made during his illustrious career.

Fellow MPD K9 Officer John Butschky said that K9 Chase had “through-the-roof energy,” but that he also loved to cuddle with local school children.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Millville Police Department and Officer Calchi in the loss of K9 Chase.

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So sorry for the loss of your canine partner; many times I'd rather have a canine than a partner with human chromosomes... more loyal and dependent.... Rest at the rainbow bridge for your partner, Chase; he'll be along.

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