Hero Down: Mesa PD K9 Aik Dies Suddenly

A Mesa Police Department K9 died Mar. 7.

Mesa, AZ – Mesa Police Department (MPD) K9 Aik died from a sudden case of pneumonia on Mar. 7, the department said.

“The Mesa Police Department is sad to announce that K9 Aik (pronounced Ike) passed away this morning,” MPD posted on their Facebook page.

"Aik had been fighting with Lupus for several years," his partner, MPD Officer John LaFontaine explained in the thread associated with the post. "His symptoms would come and go but for the last few weeks he was struggling with it."

K9 Aik was born in Germany, and joined MPD in January of 2013, when he was just 15 months old, according to the City of Mesa website.

“Aik showed lots of willingness to learn and wanted to play constantly,” his website profile read.

The Schutzhund-trained officer and his partner, Officer LaFontaine, were trained and certified in narcotics detection by the National Police Canine Association in 2013.

The department described Aik as a “very fast learner,” and said he had “been doing a great job for Mesa.”

“During K9 Aik’s career, he located hidden drugs 182 times,” MPD noted.

In February, K9 Aik helped to spread awareness about an upcoming holiday, when he was featured in an MPD Twitter post.

In his off-time, K9 Aik loved to play outside. He was also an avid swimmer, and enjoyed playing keep away with fellow Mesa officer K9 Spike, according to the city’s website.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mesa Police Department in the loss of K9 Aik.

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prophetess anna
prophetess anna

i am so sorry, with all of my heart to learn of the passing of K9 Aik. I am really sorry that this has happened. My heart goes out to Officer Aik's partner Officer LaFontaine---I wish i could take away the pain that is felt in your heart. My sincerest condolences to Officer LaFontaine and also to the Mesa Police Department. My thoughts and prayers are with you. GOD bless you all and thankyou for all that you do in making your community, safe.


RIP K9 Officer Aik. Thank you for your service. Hold your head high as you cross the Rainbow Bridge. Prayers for comfort and strength for Aik's handler/partner, his co-workers and friends.


So sorry. K9 Officer Aik was a #Hero a said day for his partner& fellow Officers who knew& loved him. RIP K9 Officer Aik.


Truly sorry for your loss of K9Aik. He is in our 2018 Memorial album for Fallen K9 Officers on www.facebook.com/WantedByThePolice pg .