Hero Down: Mayes County Sheriff's Office K9 Titan Dies From Natural Causes

Holly Matkin

Mayes County Sheriff's Office K9 Titan died from natural causes on Saturday morning.

Pryor, OK – Mayes County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) K9 Titan died from natural causes on Saturday morning, according to his department.

K9 Titan, a Belgian Malinois, served the MCSO in a multitude of drug interdiction, search-and-rescue, and tracking incidents throughout his career, according to the MCSO’s website.

He and his partner, Deputy Ray Thomas, were on-call 24 hours per day, and were often called upon by other agencies to assist them as well.

In January of 2019, the Vested Interest in K9 nonprofit group donated a body armor vest to K9 Titan to help protect him in the line of duty, the sheriff’s office said in a press release at the time.

The bullet- and stab-resistant vest, which is valued between $1,744 and $2,283, was made available with the help of an anonymous sponsor.

In addition to his other duties at the MCSO, K9 Titan also enjoyed participating in presentations and demonstrations with local schoolchildren, according to the department’s Facebook page.

“We are sad to report that K9 deputy Titan passed away this morning from natural causes,” the MCSO said in a Facebook post on Saturday.

“Titan was a vital part of our war on drugs and assisted many agencies to get illegal substances off the streets,” the post read. “Deputy Ray Thomas is the K9 deputy who spent countless hours training and caring for Titan. Thank you Deputy Thomas for your dedication to Titan!”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office and Deputy Thomas in the loss of K9 Titan.

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