Hero Down: Long Beach Police Department K9 Ozzy Dies Of Heat Exhaustion

Long Beach Police K9 Ozzy served his department for over five years.

Long Beach, CA – Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) K9 Ozzy died of heat exhaustion in the back of his partner’s patrol vehicle on Aug. 14.

“Our K-9 vehicles are outfitted with fail-safe equipment that is meant to generate an alert,” LBPD Public Information Officer Arantxa Chavarria told the Los Angeles Times. “At this time, we believe this alert may not have been working.”

K9 Ozzy’s partner found him dead inside the patrol vehicle at approximately 3:40 p.m., police said.

They were both off-duty at the time.

“A veterinarian examination of Ozzy and the preliminary results determined the cause of death to be heat-related,” according to Chavarria.

Temperatures in Long Beach reached between 81 and 84 degrees that day, the Los Angeles Times reported.

K9 unit patrol vehicles are equipped with a heat-controller system that sends a signal to the officer’s cellphone if the vehicle is getting too hot, Chavarria said.

A second system provides a “manual button that only shuts down the system when activated by the handler,” she told the paper.

The department confirmed that an internal investigation into the events leading up to K9 Ozzy’s death is underway, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“This unfortunate incident was not intentional, preliminarily we believe this was an accident and we are taking all the necessary steps to avoid this happening in the future,” Chavarria told KTLA.

The six-year-old, half German shepherd and half Belgian Malinois served LBPD for over five years, according to the Los Angeles Times.

He also assisted outside agencies, such the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, throughout his career.

“We ask that you respect the handler and his family,” Chavarria told the Los Angeles Times. “Our department is mourning Ozzy’s loss as we would with any of our employees. Our K-9s are an indispensable part of our department, and we will continue to view them as partners.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Long Beach Police Department in the loss of K9 Ozzy.

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Rest in peace, K9 Ozzy. Thank you for your service to the Long Beach Police Department.


don't people normally get charged for this kind of incident?


If he was off-duty, why was he in the car alone?


Disgusting! The number of K9s that roast to death in patrol cars is waaay too high! I call BS! A kid knows enough not to leave a dog in a car w/windows up or barely cracked in that kind of heat!
Why was he even in the car when Off Duty?! In that heat, a responsible dog owner would take the dog HOME & Then do whatever he wanted w/o the dog, being the dog was obviously not going to be involved anyway. Bet that car went over 200 degrees!
What a HORRIBLE, SLOW DEATH!!! NEVER give that irresponsible POS a K9 AGAIN!!!
NO sympathy, except for poor Ozzy, who suffered so needlessly.🐾 His handler needs to be charged w/negligence & animal cruelty! But of course, they never are.
K9s have died while their careless handlers have been out enjoying lunch, while their dogs roasted to death in the car.


Oh boo hoo , get another dog