Hero Down: Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona Murdered At Crash Scene

Holly Matkin

Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona was investigating a vehicle collision when a gunman opened fire on her.

Davis, CA – Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona was murdered in the line of duty as she was responding to a report of a three-car collision on Thursday night.

Officer Corona, 22, had completed her field training just two weeks earlier, KOVR reported.

“She was a rising star in the department,” Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel said in a press conference just before midnight. “She just worked like you can’t believe.”

The incident occurred at approximately 6:45 p.m., after Officer Corona arrived at the scene of a three-car pileup, KOVR reported.

She was then fatally shot by an unidentified gunman, who promptly fled the scene.

No information has been released at this time about what led up to the shooting after Officer Corona's arrival.

Officer Corona was transported to University of California - Davis Medical Center where she succumbed to her gunshot wounds.

Police soon tracked the suspect to a residence in the 500-block of Fifth Street – approximately a block away from the murder scene, The Sacramento Bee reported.

Over the course of several hours, they attempted to coax the gunman into surrendering using a loudspeaker and floodlights.

They eventually deployed a robot into the home, and set off flash bang grenades.

“The shooter had been found, deceased, inside a home near 5th and E St in Davis with what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” the Davis Police Department tweeted at 1:28 a.m. on Friday.

The gunman’s identity has not been released, but police described him as a white male in his 20s.

Officer Corona began serving the Davis Police Department as a community service officer in 2016, The Sacramento Bee reported.

When the agency ran out of money to fund her position at one point, she kept showing up to work anyway, and volunteered her time instead, Chief Pytel said.

“I haven’t seen anybody work harder in a part-time capacity and be more motivated to be a police officer than Natalie,” he explained. “She was just an absolute star in the department and someone that pretty much every department member looked to as a close friend, a sister.”

Officer Corona graduated from the Sacramento Police Department training academy in July of 2018, and wrapped up her field training just two weeks ago.

“We’re just absolutely devastated about the loss,” Chief Pytel said.

Officer Corona’s father, a 26-year veteran of the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office, pinned his daughter’s police badge onto her uniform during her swearing-in ceremony in August of 2018, the Pioneer Review reported.

“We are extremely proud of Natalie and all her accomplishments at such a young age,” he said at the time, according to The Sacramento Bee. “She is very excited to be a police officer and is very dedicated to the profession of law enforcement.”

In October of 2016, Officer Corona posted a photo of herself on Facebook wearing a bold blue dress holding a blue line flag in the air behind her.

“I would like this photograph to serve as my gratitude for all those law enforcement men and women who have served, who are currently serving, and those who have died in the line of duty protecting our liberties in this great country,” she wrote.

She was also featured on the Davis Police Department’s Facebook page in December, when she was photographed carrying a “Happy Holidays” bag filled with items for a Paradise fire victim.

“Last week, DPD Officers were called out to the new home of a Paradise fire victim who had lost everything. Officers were able to assist the new Davis resident,” the post read.

“Today, the same officer quietly returned to the residence with a gift of necessary items the fire victim didn’t have access to,” the agency explained. “We are always proud of the work our officers do, but have a little extra pride today.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona, both blood and blue. Thank you for your service.

Officer Corona, your life mattered.

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Rest in peace, Officer Corona. May God comfort your family, both blood and blue. Thank you for your service to your community and beyond. Your murderer may have escaped man's justice, but still found himself in front of the Judge of the living and the dead.

No. 1-9

Glad the piece of filth offed himself. I just wish her fellow Officers had the opportunity to take him out themselves.


I'm crying again because of the senseless killing of another young police officer . . . when will this nightmare end? Will keep Officer Corona's family, fellow officers, & friends in our thoughts & prayers in the days & months ahead. RIP, Officer Corona! You will be greatly missed!


Wish he would have just shot himself first. So tired of the mentally ill/drug & alcohol addicted having more rights than the rest of us defending & following the laws.
Many of them could live peaceably with us, but that is not the case with others & lives are lost everyday because we do not demand action from our politicians.


Rest In Peace Officer Corona. Your job is done here on earth. You have a higher calling to watch over and protect your brothers and sisters from heaven. May God wrap His loving arms around your family during this tragic time. My thoughts and prayers are with all of them

Helen Hendrickson
Helen Hendrickson

PRAYING for her family both Blood and Blue

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Spokesman Lt. Paul Doroshov said that the one-paragraph letter was found face up on the bed of the gunman. The note reads: “The Davis Police department has been hitting me with ultra sonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking. I notified the press, internal affairs, and even the FBI about it. I am highly sensitive to its affect (sic) on my inner ear. I did my best to appease them, but they have continued for years and I can’t live this way anymore.”

The simple statement was printed and signed “Citizen Kevin Limbaugh.”

Death penalty for the dealer who sold him the guns, I say!

Lt Retired OCPD
Lt Retired OCPD

I think Mr. Agent needs to do his re


Nothing can take back such a loss but at least we can enjoy the fact that this crud can't utilize the liberal judicial system of california to claim insanity to beat prison time and countless tax dollars to deal with him and he can't kill anymore police.

Fallen Heroes