Zyler's Journey organized by Josh Thompson
Zyler's Journey organized by Josh Thompson

Our son was born 7 weeks early.  Since that day he has never seen the outside of Sacred Hearts NICU and … Josh Thompson needs your support for Zyler's Journey


One of our own blue family could use their blue family right now

Hello! I am a dispatcher at Santa Rosa County SO in Milton, Florida. We have a deputy here who has been fighting tooth and nail for her 6 month old son, Zyler. He has been in the Sacred Heart Children's Hospital since his birth. He has a rare condition called VATER Syndrome. The surgeons here have done all they can, and he is being transferred to Boston Children's Hospital for a complicated and risky surgery. His Angel Med Flight is scheduled for Sunday. She has been in contact with the Ronald McDonald House in Boston with no real luck in securing housing. They are travelling there and expected to be in Boston for several weeks. She and her husband are struggling to find housing in the area. I was wondering if your page could put something out asking if anyone knows of a place or agency that can help get them housing? They applied for help through the hospital but have been wait listed. I know this is short notice, since they leave on Sunday, but any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, they have a facebook page for him, Zyler Ray's Journey. Thank you in advance!

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If I lived there, I'd offer my home to them!