Woman Who Drunkenly Assaulted Officer Brings Hilarious Apology Cake

'Celina Dally' brought an apology cake to a Lake Charles police officer after trying to bite him.

Lake Charles, LA – A Lake Charles woman decided to make amends for drunkenly assaulting a police officer by bringing him an apology on a cookie-cake.

Photos of the woman presenting the cake were posted on Monday.

The woman, who posts on Facebook under the name Celina Dally, posted the following explanation:

Most of you DONT know lol but I was arrested on October 7th for public intoxication and also for assaulting an officer (not proud of it but it happened) anyway as most of you DO know I'm way too nice.

My conscious was eating at me so I decided to find Officer Guillory (who's super sweet btw) and apologize w a cookie cake! lol just thought I'd share w y'all.

Ever since she posted the photos, many people have suggested that she put laxatives in the cookie cake. It would be very unlikely that she presented a tainted cake to the officer.

Other commenters have pointed out her previously posted photo, welcoming her brother back from prison. That photo appears to be a joke.

Dally later posted in response to all of the haters:

LOL if you are offended by me apologizing to someone I did wrong to, you may be the problem in our society.

Personally, I would have appreciated the apology, even though I probably would not have eaten any of the cake, which was probably not poisoned. Probably.

It’s not clear at this time if the officer actually consumed any of the cake.

What do you think about the cookie cake apology? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

She did something wrong and she has taken full responsibility, making herself accountable for what she did. She felt so bad about what had happened that she just wanted to apologize to the officer-she did it creatively with a funny treat! I think the important message here is that anyone can make a mistake but what matters most is where do you go from there? I'm really proud of her that she took the time to find the right officer and then do something special for him to make amends! We need more ppl like her!


1st...it is not her fault her brother went to prison...you don't stop loving those who did wrong, you support them so they can change their lives...2nd...Props for owning your actions and making the apology. That doesn't happen very often.


I thought it was a great idea and the "I am sorry" was the right thing to do


She took responsibility for her action and apologized. She did not try and sue the officer or blame any one else for her actions. Not like the Left! Well done young lady.


Sometimes you just have to own your mistakes and not worry about playing chess with the system. She did what she needed to do for herself. Good for her and it's refreshing to see because there aren't many people who would even think about accepting responsibility for their mistakes and/or crimes for that matter.