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Are You Ready? 6 Things You Need To Be Aware Of In A Threatening Situation.

In today's world, there are more and more dangerous situations taking place out in the open: shootings, knife fights, brawls, etc. Are you prepared to defend yourself? As a retired cop, I am always on the alert, even when I'm not on the job. It's what I was trained to do, and once you learn to recognize the things you need to lookout for, you can't really turn it off... Surprisingly, this behavior becomes automatic.

In the academy, they teach everyone this saying: hands, weapons, footing, associates, cover, escape routes. These are things cops have to be constantly aware of. Not only that- they all have to be assessed instantly and simultaneously. For yourself and for every other person on the scene.

What does all that mean??? I'll share with you an excerpt from Chapter 1 of my book From Boy To Blue, so you too can be aware of how best to think on your feet and protect yourself in a threatening situation.

  1. HANDS. If anyone is going to hurt you, that have to do it some way or another with their hands. A gun needs a hand to hold it and pull the trigger. Where are their hands?
  2. WEAPONS. Is there a gun or a knife? Is there any place on this person where a weapon could be hiding? What about less obvious weapons like bats, crowbars, pens, razors, shanks, chemicals, needles, and so on?
  3. FOOTING. Are you on ice, gravel, cement, dirt, or pavement? Is it smooth, rough, bumpy, slippery, or uphill? Will you have good traction when you run? Will the suspect have the same?
  4. ASSOCIATES. This is like an accomplice. Who is with the suspect? Could there be someone close by- a lookout perhaps? Maybe there’s an idling getaway vehicle. Who else could be associated with this person?
  5. COVER. Where can you go to take cover? What’s close by? Will it stop a bullet? Trees, cars, and buildings probably will. Fences, doors, and interior walls probably will not.
  6. ESCAPE ROUTES. If this situation gets to bad and you need to get out, is there a place to go? Can you get in the car and leave? Can you run away, and if so where? How far do you have to run? Will you be exposed if you flee? If you escape, can the suspect escape the same way?

*Chapter One- Changing of the Mental Guards, From Boy To Blue: Becoming One Of America's Finest

**Steve is a writer, speaker, consultant and police expert. You can find his book and more from Steve at www.SteveWarneke.com.

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You are right and for those of us that don't have the ability or strength. We depend on you wise and strong men. I have made it my goal to thank every uniformed men and women, also to make sure they know that they are appreciated. And I am not ashamed to do it in public. And the last thing I say "is please be careful, you are needed"